FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…..Is There One?? CHAPTER 10

I am holding the Nikon camera to myself while staring at the ceiling….I don’t know why but the roof suddenly interests me, “I can’t please him enough” she said, what does that even mean.

I have been avoiding Deji since then, not picking his calls or replying his messages I think I am being overly dramatic but she says I can’t please him enough and I really want to know what that means and he ain’t ready to explain.

My reminder suddenly chimes bringing me back to earth, I have a job this morning a pre-wedding shoot, it is big considering the groom is the son of one of the biggest socialite in the city but I don’t know why I am not excited as I would normally be. I sigh deeply, pick up my bag and get ready to leave the house “It is gonna be a long day” I say to myself.

“It was really nice working with you” Mr Hart the groom was saying
“The pleasure is all mine, it was beautiful working with you, you both look so good together, near perfection” I smile at him, his wife to be smiles and says nothing. She is blonde and but not natural hair colour but blonde with her brains, I know it sound insulting but really baby girl doesn’t have a mind of her own but she has looks, so yeah at least a plus.

“Thank you so much Miss Becca” Mr Hart says
“You’re welcome and it is Becca, thank you”
“And it is Mayowa then” he replies
We share a smile as the couple walk away.

I pack up with the help of my assistant, I have a new assistant by the way, her name is Uche, she is young and really very adorable.

“Becca” Uche calls
I look up from my laptop….we are back at the studio.
“There is a man outside sitting on your car says he needs to see you urgently”
She says
“A man?” I ask
“Yeah, he says his name is Deji”
“I don’t want to see him” I reply
She looks at me pointedly
“He really has been out there for so long and the sun is so hot and…….”
I shoot her look and she goes quiet
“Thank you very much, now you can tell him to leave as you can see I am extremely busy.”
“Okay” she replies and leaves.

I sigh deeply and keep staring at the laptop
“You know you are so dramatic” my inner bitch says “you gonna let your man go cause of some THIRSTY BlATCH you gotta lay down the laws baby girl
Lay down the laws?? I raise my eyebrows……
I stand up and walk out to meet “my man”

Deji and Uche are having a discussion. Deji’s face is set hard, he looks angry and sad
He looks up and sees me and his face suddenly lits up it feels like a movie, it feels like love…..I shake my head and smile back at him
He stands up and walks to me still smiling

“I have missed you” he says
I just smile and say nothing
“These past 3 days have been rough, like I really did miss you, you were in my head all through these days” he says
“I missed you too” I say
I actually did I realised
“Oh my baby” he says before drawing me in for a kiss.


This feels like home I think to myself after he releases, I notice my inner bitch smiling at me mouthing “tell him what you want”

I wink at her and turn to him he is looking at me with a strange smile in his eyes

“I ain’t nuts yet” I say with a chuckle he laughs and that makes me smile
“I don’t want you seeing Isabella again” I say

He quirks his lips and says nothing, his eyes urges me to continue talking…I notice his pupils aren’t so black…  They are like brown why didn’t I ever notice that before.

“Baby” he says quietly
“Yeah about Isabella I don’t like her, and I think she is lying about her husband hitting her that man I saw adores her and can never hit her” 
“She still had the hots for you and it is obvious she is manipulative” I say

He doesn’t say anything for a long time and I swear it feels like eternity, my inner bitch is standing with her mouth pouted and her hands on her waist “why can’t I be bitchy like that” I think to myself……

“Baby Isabella can never be an issue between us…I am yours” he says with finality
“I am yours” my head keeps toying with those three words that make a simple sentence but carry deep meaning I can’t bring myself to say anything.
“Now all I want you to be is mine and trust me completely” he says
I am still standing there…..I think I have lost my ability to talk, my inner bitch walks up to me and literally punches me to reality
“I notice how you skipped my entire statement but I will manage that for now Kiss me” I say
He smirks before placing his mouth on mine.

Eni and I have a sleepover at her place.  I love her apartment the interior decorations are beyond impeccable well I will say that since it is my work.
“See the way you are glowing baby girl” I hear her say.

It has been a week since Deji and I kissed in the car park of my office and it has been a blissful week, he has to be the most lovable creature ever and he makes me so happy and yeah he is mine.

“What you smiling at?” Eni says
“At the fact that we are dating best friends even though I know they never call themselves that but yeah they are”
“Honestly I swear I can’t believe it” she says
“Pharez has been acting weird lately tho” She says while scoping two cups of ice cream
“Weird?? Watchu mean??”
“I don’t know but like he has a lot on his mind, I haven’t seen him in a week and really the highest we have gone since we got together is two days”

I laugh at her 1 week complaints…

“It is not funny” she says
“I am sure he is just busy with work, that’s all” I say apologetically
“Do you think he might be.”
She is cut off by the ring on the doorbell

“Expecting someone?” I ask
“Nah” she says shaking her head while she walks to the door.

She opens the door and it is a delivery man, he hands her bag and a note
“Thank you very much” she mutters
Shutting the door, she turns to me with surprise written on her face, I collect the Bag and on opening it I saw two packages from Tiana Styling with her name labelled on it, we are both staring at ourselves with surprise, do we have a secret admirer? was the delivery man in the wrong place? I can see Eni’s brain working actively too.

She opens the letter and reads it….I see her worry turn to a big smile so I guess it must be Pharez.
“Pharez?” I asked knowingly
She laughs and nods her head
“I don’t know what this surprise is about but get dressed and let’s find out” she says.

Eni and I are holding hands as we enter into the restaurant….It is practically empty and the lights are off.
“Are we in the right place?” I am thinking to myself. We enter into the restaurant and suddenly the light goes on, pictures of Eni and Pharez are everywhere. Eni is silently sobbing, I squeeze her hands tightly and smile at her, Pharez walks out and is looking extremely dashing, he walks up to Eni as I step aside.

“This is your show baby girl” I mouth at her.

Pharez goes on one knee and says

“Eni I want to make a forever with you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you at night, I want to be your Prince, your King and I want you to be my Princess and my Queen, I want you to hold me down when I am hurt and make me laugh the way you can make me laugh, let’s spend this lifetime and the next together.”

Eni is sobbing silently and I swear I can never forget this moment in my entire life.

“Marry me?” He asks

Eni kneels down and joins him “Yes baby! Yes baby!! Yes baby!!!” she keeps saying

He laughs and slips the ring into her finger, they are kissing so passionately.

I look away to see Deji and every other mutual friend of ours, I notice Eni’s parents, I smile at them and walk up to them.
Obviously Eni and I just walked into her engagement party.

To be continued………………………………………………………………………………


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FOREVER........Is There One??



My hand is still on the door, I can’t let my resolve go, I have learnt that to get a Nigga to talk you gotta do something dramatic, they only respond to drama.

Are you talking?
That’s Isabella, my ex girlfriend, we were together for seven years, through university and all, when i got sick, she travelled for a professional course, so i wasn’t keeping in touch, we rarely spoke, by the time she returned she was married and i was left hanging.

Awwww my baby, how he must have felt alone sick and jilted, my heart weeps for me.

Do you still love her??” I ask instead
Not anymore, now I pity her” he replies
Don’t go baby please stay with me let’s make memories together, you are the one I want” he continues

My hand leaves the door handle….and I walk towards him, standing directly in front of him

Let’s try this. I don’t know about this marriage thing but let’s create memories
Now you are using what I said against me but I will accept anything you are ready to give me.

I smile shyly and open my arms for a hug instead he lifts me up and spins before dropping me and placing a big kiss on my lips, I laugh at his childishness.

We should go out to your guests
Yes we should” he says still holding my hand.

I place a quick kiss on his mouth and starts to walk away ensuring i swing my hips as much as I can, knowing he was staring.

Why are you so happy??” Eni asks

I try to feign ignorance but she gives me the look so I decided to spill the beans

I think we are dating” I say as I send a quick smile to Deji and he returns it winking at me.

Wow!!! I am so happy for you babes. Deji is a really awesome guy, you guys will bring out the best in each other.” Eni says

I take her hands and smile, I’m so excited she is happy about it.

Thank you babes
For what??” She raises her eyebrow at me and i can’t help but laugh at her dramatic self
For being a good friend
Oh please b**** if we dont take care of us who will?

We both laugh at our silly rants and earn a weird look from our men ignoring them we continue our discussion.

I’m hugging and kissing Eni and Pharez. They are the last to leave. It has been a swell party but I’m tired to my bone marrow, being Deji’s woman is a lot of work I must say but honestly I love the feel of being called his woman.

Tired yeah??” He says kissing my hands
Extremely but you know I had to help you with the guests
Yeah and thank you for that
No problem but I need to be on my way. The maids are already cleaning up the house, so there is really nothing for me to do.
Can you stay a little more??
I raise my eyes at him questionly and he smiles.
Not what you think but if that’s what you want I’m willing to oblige he winks at me and i punch him playfully.
Come with me baby he takes my hand and leads the way.

We are in another big room in this house it will take a while before i actually know this place.It is a beautiful house tho.

This is a big house
Deji just smiles and nods before saying “Sit I will be with you in a bit
I nod and sit on a nearby cushion as he dashes out, he returns within minute holding a black bag, I glance at the bag before returning to his face, he is smiling sheepishly and he looks so cute, I can’t help but smile back.

What’s that??” I ask
Be patient young lady” he says.
He hands over the bag to me and I open the bag to see a wrapped item in it, I bring it out and start to open it again he is standing quietly watching my every move.
I open it and it is the latest Nikon Camera, I scream in excitement as I carefully drop it, I run to him he catches me as I fly on me I start to baptize his face with lipstick filled kisses he is laughing and I am laughing, I’m so overwhelmed with happiness I start to cry……..

Lil Mama did I do anything wrong??” His face is laden with concern and worry I can’t help but smile at how sweet he is.
No nothing Deji, I’m just so excited” his face immediately breaks into a smile.
Just one of the few perks of being my woman, although if you still want it I’m still willing to oblige” he sends me crooked smile and I can’t help but pull his ears.
Ouch! That hurts woman
Boy that’s no way to talk to a lady.” I flip my long Indian weave dramatically.
He laughs.
But you know we could start from where we left off.” I noticed how happy my inner bitch was as I said those words
We could.

I bite my lips on purpose and I watch the effect of my action on his face.

Come here” he says as he drags my face into his our mouth crashing, I sigh deeply into his mouth as he bites my lips playfully, cupping my ass he raises me up and I can’t help but stand on my toes hanging on to his mouth like letting go will kill me. After some minutes I finally let go as I come up for air.


My vixen” he says as he runs his finger round my lips and I swear I am hot all over, this feels so right, I step away from him before I do something I’m going to regret. He doesn’t question my reaction but nods in understanding.

I walk back to the where I placed the camera, I pick it up and I start to caress it.

Should i be jealous??” he ask
I’m still holding the camera to my breast
Yeah you should because this is my new baby
But you know that’s supposed to be my head.
He smirks at me
You are such a whore Mr man.
And so much more baby.
Thank you for the gift
You welcome. Now you can use that create hard copies of our memories.

I smile and blush shyly at his suggestion.
There is a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Deji says
Mr Soji enters
Sir your permission is needed in the living room.” Mr Soji says
I will be there
Okay sir.
Mr Soji leaves.
Wanna come with me??
I don’t think…..” He interrupts me
Baby when you are with me don’t think just do.

I smirk at his statement and he laughs at my reaction. Dropping the camera I follow him hand in hand out of the room.
Isabella is talking to a man I have not seen before but I notice Deji tenses as soon as he sees the man.

What is he doing here??” Deji ask
He sounds angry, I look at him but can’t decode nothing on his face.
Isabella looks quickly at me before turning back to Deji
Why is she still here??” Isabella ask
The man puts his hand on her shoulder but she shrugs it off as she fixes her attention on Deji
Cause she is my woman and this is my house.” Deji replies her
I notice my inner bitch “do the yoga”
What is that man doing in my house??
He is still my husband.
This husband” finally speaks up.
Mr Deji Thank you for taking care of my wife after her accident.
He walks up to Deji stretching his hands for a handshake, Deji ignores it
Accident?? Or after you beat her up if not because of her I do have you locked up in prison.
The husband turns quickly at Isabella shocked, she looks away.
Can she be lying i think
“Beat her up?? I have never lay my hands…….” Deji interrupts him with a shake of his head
Isabel, what do you wanna do??” Deji ask
He is my husband after all and you seem to be busy with that” she spits
That??? Did this crazy ass lady just call me that, my inner bitch is getting her glove ready.
The name is Becca.” I say
She eyes me quickly before saying
We will take our leave
She walks up to Deji and pecks him on the cheek, she turns to me and says “You can never please him enough.

To be continued………………………………..


FOREVER........Is There One??



I recently  saw a quote that says “Sometimes the reason for your happiness is also your source of unhappiness” I think that’s real deep and also true.

So it is May 29th, inaugauration day, I am driving to Deji’s place, he invited me for a “mini party” as he called it and well I made sure I am solidly two hours late, I am surprised he hasn’t called yet, I have been avoiding him these past few weeks, putting most of my energy into work, family, friends and Uche and honestly putting a lot of thoughts into Deji’s proposal.

I horn vigorously and the gateman opens the door quickly.

I smirk at him. He smiles back curtseying, driving in I find a quick parking spot, everyone seems to be around, I spot one of Pharez’s car, Eni will be here for the moral suppport, I check myself in d mirror to check if my makeup needs adjustment, nah it doesn’t. Thanks to YouTube, I am now  perfect with make ups.

The walk of shame/fame/happiness/eagerness, I don’t even know which one it is as I walk to the door, I knock slightly and an old uniformed man opens the door.

Good day sir” I curtsey
Ma’am, everyone is in the sitting room” he replies

I thank him as I try to find my way following the noise to this sitting room, there are about four different rooms that leads to this sitting room that ought to be the sitting room.
Sigh! all these rich folks and wasting space, I finally reach the sitting room and standing at the door I scan everyone’s face looking for someone familiar, I spot Eni’s face and smile at her, she smirks right back and then i notice everyone is silent, okay except Olamide’s shakiti bobo’s song blaring from the speaker.

Do I have horns on my head?? Oh shit has my makeup smeared, I definitely look like shit, my eyes sees an object walking towards me and I try quickly to focus, it is a subject……Deji Davis, he looks so good in his white armless and white short, he is holding two glasses of white wine, he finally meets up to me, it feels like a scene from one of these indian movie as we both stand and stare at each other.

He is eyeing me cautiously and I stand defiantly…I am such a child I know

You look good, real good” he says handing me a glass of wine

Oops that’s why the silence and Eni’s smirk…. I glance quickly at her and smile when I see her still gauging our conversation..

Thank you, you don’t look half bad yourself” yeah my ego is back on Kanye Level

He gives me a half smile, half smirk

You got my invite” he says
As everyone else” I mumble a reply
You weren’t answering my calls, replying my messages, even not acknowledging my gifts” he defends.

Okay maybe I took it a little overboard but I needed some time to think, I reply my inner bitch who is arms spreading and questioning my stupidity.

I have been busy” I reply
Hmmmm” he says as he sips his wine

He is staring at me and I am staring right back

Awkward!!! My inner bitch is jumping up and down shouting at me. I spare her no glance as I catch another subject walking towards us. Deji turns to the arriving person, it is Eni she taps his arms and I raise my eyebrow ignoring it she draws me in for a hug.


Becca so nice to see you” I peck her on the cheek rolling my eyes
You knew I will be here” I mumur into her mouth

She laughs releasing me like I said something funny

Is my baby here giving you a hard time?” Eni turns to Deji
He smiles “Nothing I cant handle” he replies

I raise my eyebrow at him and he does the same

Eni laughs again and I look at her questionly

Pharez has been asking after you” she says
Deji” she says excusing us or better still dragging me with her.

My mouth hurts, I have been smiling and getting an introduction from almost everyone here, I know some of them from Pharez and Eni’s get together but Eni seems to know everybody and Deji has refused to take his eyes off me.

I can’t even flirt” my inner bitch shouts at me. I nod at her in understanding.

I am in the middle of a discussion with three people I just met, Eni is somewhere with Pharez, Deji places his arm on my waist, I know he is the one, his perfume

Can we talk?” He whispers into my ear

All six pair of eyes are staring at us so I know I can’t be dramatic, feigning a smile I turn to Deji

Of course” I reply through my teeth

Taking my hand into his he walks with me to another part of the house in silence we enter into a big room and i note it is an office, he releases me and steps away

You smell real good” he says
A new perfume?” He continues
Yeah” I reply
How did you know?” I smirk back at him
I am very good with my nose” he replies
Hmmmmmm” I reply nodding in understanding, I am also terrific with my nose but funny enough i only smell body odour i roll my eyes at that thought and chuckle.

Something funny?” he says
An inside joke with myself” I reply without thinking
Can I be inside?” he answers in return
I raise my eyebrow at him and he laughs heartily

He has a good laugh. He steps towards me and uses his free hand to rub my cheeks, I find my face leaning towards his arms, we are staring at each other like two dogs on heat.

When did this turn to this?? I am thinking
We hear a chuckle and we both turn to the direction, it is coming from the office toilet, he doesn’t step away as two figures come out of the toilet, it is Eni and Pharez, I take a step away from Deji and he glances at me for a bit before turning back to “THE DOGS ON HEAT.”
Eni’s head is bowed and she is staring at anyone except Deji, I am used to such activities from these two.Their sexual life, God!!! Well she is Calabar and he is Delta terrible combination.

I can see you two have been busy” Deji says as he drops his glass of wine
Errrrm Eni had an issue with her zipper, I am just here to help” Pharez says innocently
I am sure you were the perfect help” Deji says with enough sarcasm
Eni wasn’t he?” He asks Eni
Eni’s head shoots up and I swear, I think she is orange in colour
The zipper was really a lot of trouble” she replies Deji
Zipper my ass, that gown doesn’t have zipper, I know this because I bought the gown.
Well considering the gown doesn’t have a zipper” Deji says
I wonder what was been zipped up
now Eni is green and well Pharez seems to be sharing a private joke with himself
Deji will you stop already?” Pharez finally says
Deji laughs again and that’s when i realise he is ignoring me
We would leave you two to continue doing whatever you were doing” Pharez says sending childish glances at me, he puts his hand on Eni’s waist, I finally find my voice
Keep your hands off my friend” I retort at him
If she will keep her hands off me first” he retorts laughing
Eni is finally purple, I laugh at her facial expression as he rushes out of the room with Pharez on her tail.

I turn back to my soon to be husband
Where did that come out from?” I turn at my inner bitch, she shrugs ignoring me
Are you ashamed of me?” He asks
Ashamed of you? What are you talking about?
You stepped away from me as soon as they walked in like I had a contagious disease
Are we back to that again?” I asked

I take few steps to where he is, taking his face into my hands
I am not ashamed of you, I didn’t know who that was, it was my subconscious and the fact that you are not that healthy is not the reason
Then marry me” he says placing his hands on mine
Nope nope this wasn’t the plan for this conversation
I mean, i am scared, i am scared the father of my child might die before he comes to the world, i am scared that my heart will be ripped finally and forever, i am scared of all these things but not of you
We are silent and staring at each other
Oh God baby, I know, I am scared too but I really want this but you need to want this too” he says
Kiss me” I whisper

He sighs deeply before he takes my mouth, he owns it within seconds and lifts me up as I wrap my legs around his waist, he releases a pleasurable sigh and I do the same, grabbing my ass he palms it sexily (if I must say as he lifts me up more….I smile

What?” He says in between kisses
Nothing” I reply biting his lips
Better” I know he is smiling as we continue necking…..

“Ma’am, he is with someone…….the door is opened hastily and his mouth sadly releases mine, raising up his head, he releases me hastily but gently ensuring my feet is on the ground before he lets go off my waist

Isabel” he says worriedly as he starts to walk to the intruding woman and the butler, Mr Soji

You may go now Mr Soji” he says

I hear the door shut, so i finally turn, his arms is wrapped around the Isabel lady as she sobs on his chest, he is gently rocking her like she is a toy and I note she is not any taller than me, and we could actually share the same clothes

I am so sorry” Isabel is saying amidst her sobs
No it is not your fault baby” he says patting her head
He says it is, he says I make him so angry” she replies

He looks up at me, beckoning for me to bring a chair, I do just that.
He helps her sit, I notice she whines in pain, she finally looks up and notices me, I immediately notice the scar on her face and the busted lips and the swollen eyes, I smile at her sadly…..

Hello I am Becca” I say
I am Bella” she says shyly
Do you need anything, water, juice?” I ask
Nah I am fine thank you” She answers.

Deji is standing over her like a hawk…. On his phone, I can’t really hear what he is saying but he is angry.

Who did this to you?” I ask
She hangs her head in shame and almost slap myself for asking her such a question, there is a long awkward silence before she answers

My husband

I cringe at the thought of being beaten by my husband. Deji ends his phone call and bends towards her.

You will be staying here with me for now until you are alright and ready to take the next step, whatever the step you choose” he says

She nods her head and tries to control her quiet sob….
He takes her face in his hand and I swear I could see the sparks flying.

He suddenly stands, I will call Mr Soji, he picks up his phone and dials a number

Yes I need you to come thank you” he hangs up, within seconds, there is a slight knock at the door.

Come in” he says briskly
Mr Soji enters
Mr Soji please take Bella to the guest room, give her everything she needs and make sure she is comfortable. Thank you

Mr Soji nods in understanding, Deji helps Bella up as she walks out with Mr Soji, him still not taking his eyes off her.
As soon as the door shuts,he sighs deeply before turning to me.

I am sorry about that” he says

I still remain my stand, staring at him blankly

Who was that? And what kind of relationship do you two have?” I ask
Are you jealous?” he retorts
Does this answer my question?” I respond

After few minutes of no response from him, I turn and start to walk out of his office.

Becca don’t go, let me explain.

To be continued………………………… 


FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…….Is There One?? CHAPTER 7


We are sitted in the hospital reception with Uche on my laps and Ola by my side. My heart is heavy and I can’t breath. Uche is still sobbing and he is holding me so tight, I have to be strong for him.

Is dad going to be okay?” He says
Yes he will be” I say assuringly.

The nurses and the doctor haven’t said anything, we have been waiting for the past three hours.
I want to wake up from this dream so bad…
Ola holds my hand “he is gonna be fine Becca
I hope.

The Doctor walks up to us
Becca?” He says, Uche stands immediately I join him
We have been able to stabilize him
Is he gonna be fine?” I say
Hopefully” the doctor replies
He smiles at Uche hopefully. Uche doesn’t return his smile
Will my father live?” He says
Let’s hope for the best” The doctor replies
Stop using Doctor’s voice for me” Uche replies rudely
I place my hand on Uche and he apologizes immediately
I’m sorry” he says
I understand” The doctor say
Can we see him?” I ask
He is in a coma but sure why not” d doctor replies “He can hear you, so please try as much possible to be happy” he says
What is Coma?” Uche asks
Deep sleep” I reply before the doctor can
Thank you Doctor


He nods, he calls the nurse and ask her to take us to Che’s room

She obliges and we all follow her.

You guys should go I will wait for you here” Ola says
I nod at him, I open the door and I enter with Uche still holding my hand
Dad” Uche runs to his side of d bed, taking Che’s hand
Doctor said you are in a deep sleep but you can hear me, I am so scared and I know Aunt Becca is too, we don’t want you to die, please wake up from sleep” he says as he starts to sob
Uche” I walk up to him and hug him tight. I can’t imagine what he is going through, his only stable parent is fighting death and he has to watch, he must be torn right now. I rock him gently, feeling his pain and not mine.
Let’s tell Dad everything we did during this past nine days” he says into my ear
Sure” I reply. Che knows everything we have done this past week, we have spoken to him everyday but if that’s what makes Uche happy.
I sit down on the only available seat and put Uche on my laps he starts to recount everything to Che.

He is my son, I have a right to see him
Uche stops midway in his sentence “That’s my Gradma” he says
I cringe.
Uche stands up and opens the door
Uche!!!” She screams as she hugs him
Ma’am” I stand up and walk up to them
You” she says, she takes her eyes off me and it settles on her son
Che” she cries as she walks to his bedside
I am so sorry” she is saying as the tears are flowing freely
Sorry, why is she sorry? I think
Grandma is not your fault, Dad doesn’t blame you” Uche says
Oh yes it is” she is crying more freely now
Ma’am is not your fault” I say
Oh yes it is, I put my son in this state because of my unforgiving spirit” she says, she pauses before she continues
I was on phone with him when he had the accident
You were on what?” I say
I know Che hasn’t been talking to his mother for the past two weeks or so
I used his father’s phone to call him, I didn’t know he was driving, I dropped a bombshell on him” she says.
I walk up to her and take her hand and help her to the only available seat, I walk to the door, opening it, I beckon on Ola who has been outside all through
Ola pls let Uche stay with you for a while” I say
No problem” he glances at Che’s mother and looks at me
Don’t worry I got this” I turn to Uche
Uche go with Ola
But I want to stay here with Dad and you” he says
Okay fine” he stomps out. I send a pleading look at Ola, he smiles at me assuringly i lock the door.
Turning back to Che’s mum
Where is Chief?” I ask
He is with the Doctor” she answers, she looks so downcast, I can’t help but pity her
He is going to be fine” I say “Che is a very strong person
Hmmmmm” she muttered, still sobbing uncontrollably
Want to talk about it?” I ask
She doesn’t answer for a while before she says
I left the UK when I was eighteen after I lost both my parents to cancer with some money in my hand I came to start my life here,I got into the university and that’s when I met Che’s father” her voice breaks from tears
Che’s father was a poor bricklayer who used to work at a site close to where I stayed and one day we got talking, I found out he was educated but couldn’t go to the university because of poverty, I took interest in him even though I was barely twenty and I started to pay for his education from the money I had, I dropped out of school so he will continue because the money I had wasnt enough for two, he promised that when he was done and he gets a good job I will continue.I agreed because I was in love with him. He graduated from school, and true to his words he got a good job, I got pregnant so he said after I had the baby I was gonna start schooling. I agreed, one day I went shopping for babies things I was five months gone, I came back and the gate was locked, he left a letter with the security man telling me he had travelled for greener pastures and he is sorry, he can’t marry me.He left just like that leaving me with only the clothes on my back. I was mad for months, I sat down in front of the gate hoping that one day he will come back. One of those days when I was there was when I met Chief he was driving to his site when he saw me sitting dere with eight months pregnant skinny and battered by the sun and harsh weather. He took me in as a favour and I had Che, he fell in love with me and gave Che his name and married me“.

I am just standing, I didn’t realise I was crying, there are so many evil people in this world, how can you do that to a woman who did so much for you, I am crying for her, I am crying for so many other women out there who because of a past have turned out to be this evil and then I remember the idiom of my grandmother “there is always a reason why a dog barks” I finally gather the courage to move towards her, I sit on the floor by her side and place my head on her laps she doesn’t reject me as we both weep .

Ola has taken Uche home after much arguments and me insisting.
And Che’s mum has gone home with Chief to cook for Uche and I. My respect for Chief has just skyrocketed, only a strong man will do what he has done for Che and his mum.
I know Che has a younger sister but she is based abroad, I have only actually seen her once.
Che is still lying down helplessly and every time I look at him I feel like a part of my heart is being ripped out.
There is a knock at the door
Come in
Eni enters with Pharez following right behind
Baby” she says. I rush into her hands for a hug
I am so sorry, I just heard, trying your number you weren’t weren’t picking, I had to call Ola he told me everything
I nod understanding, the tears can’t come again, I feel empty
Hello Pharez” I say to him
He doesn’t answer me but instead hugs me
I can imagine what you are going through” he says
This opens the floodgate again don’t you just hate it when people say they can imagine when you know they possibly can’t imagine.
Who can imagine that about two weeks ago I was d happiest woman alive, and suddenly my heart is lying down there on a life support because of an accident that would never have happened if not because of me.

Ssssssh” Pharez is saying as he gently rubs my head as I sob uncontrollably on his shirt
I calm down after some minutes and raise up my head to meet his sorry eyes
Everything is going to be okay” he assures
I smile at him before turning back to Eni
Have you eaten?” She says
Nope but Che’s mum has gone to bring food
She raises her eyes questionly “Long story” I mouth at her
Anyway we bought burger on our way here” Pharez says
Eni hands over a nylon to me I didn’t even realise she was holding anything
Thank you” as I settle down to devour the burger.

Uche and I are driving in silence back to the hospital, he is still pissed at me for having Ola take him home and i swear i am too tired/weak to talk rather so i appreciate the silence. My phone has been ringing non stop, different callers and sympathizers, my Che is very popular. I am trying to park at the hospital’s car park when Uche says
Uncle Ben is here
Ben is Che’s cousin and like a brother to him they are really close and they act and behave like twins
How do you know?” I ask
He points at a G-wagon parked at the car park. I nod understanding.
We come down from the car and walk into the hospital hand in hand, the heart of a child tho,
I stop in my tracks in the hospital reception. Ben is holding Che’s mother as she is crying and throwing herself constantly on the floor, Ben is crying too, Chief is seated with his head in his hands.
No!!! No!!!!!! No!!!!!!” I faint

That was just a dream, Che is not dead he can’t be, I am in his arms right now. My mind is awake but I can’t open my eyes to this cruel world. How can this happen to me? Why do bad things happen to good people.

Becca are you awake?” I recognize the voice. It is Eni. I want Che but Che is dead. Nah, more tears are flowing freely, I can’t live in this world without him. I refused to open my eyes. Someone raises my head and places my head on their laps, I take in the body smell, My mum! What’s she doing here?
She starts to pat my hair as she starts to talk to me. I am crying more but I still refused to open my eyes. No way I can live in this world without Che. No way I want to die.
My mum starts to sing for me the last thing I can hear as i fall asleep again is her soothing calming voice.

Someone is talking to me
Becca I know you can hear me, this is Debbie and we can’t honestly lose you too, Che is gone but so many other people who love you are still here, Mum, I, Uche, your friends, we can’t mourn two losses. Che will want you in this world. You were his legacy, I know you can hear me, please wake up back to this world. We all need u.” She squeezes my hand nd I squeeze hers back, I cough before I open my eyes.
Debbie’s adoring face is staring into my eyes. I smile weakly
Where is Uche?” I ask
Ben took him home, you had everyone worried Becca” she says
When did you get here?” I ask
This morning” she answers
I need water” she rushes to get me a cup of water helping me up, she assists me as i drink it all in one gulp
Mum?” I ask
She just left, I had to kick her, Eni and Des out of here they were all stinking” she says wrinkling her nose
I laugh at her expression, and then it suddenly hits me again. Che is no longer in this world.

Nope no more tears. I’m sure even Che is sick of it in heaven, we are gonna be happy” Debbie says
I smile at her weakly
I want to sleep
Nope, none of that too” she says
I have sent Eni a message she is on her way with Pizza and ice-cream” she says
Che might have died so young but he lived a fufilled life, so we are gonna celebrate his life” She says
You are going to gist me abt every good time you guys had together while i listen as we await Eni’s arrival
I smile again as i start to recount my life with Che to the listening ears of Debbie.

I am back home and Debbie has gone back to school but mum is with me and Eni and Des take turns on their visit even Pharez, Ola as usual has been very supportive and right now I’m doing what Debbie said I’m remembering the good times. They are so many, they keep flooding my memories and making me smile. Che’s mother has been here everyday too, I have forgiven her but i don’t think she has forgiven herself, but that’s hers to settle. Tomorrow is Che’s burial and I still don’t know what to wear.
Someone knocks on the door
Don’t worry, I’ll get it” my mum says as I try to stand up
Thank you mum” she opens the door and says “Come in” I turn to see who is that, it is Ben and Uche, Uche is running to me as I pick him up.

My baby” I’m hugging him so tight I might just be squeezing the life out of him
Aunt Becca I have missed you, I’m sorry I haven’t seen you since all, I wanted to do was cry these past few days but Uncle Ben told me it makes Dad sad in heaven so now I have decided to stop crying and be happy so Dad will be happy too” he says
Don’t worry I understand baby” releasing him I take his face into my hand and kiss him full on his mouth
Yuck Yuck” he says jokingly i laugh
I stand up and turn to Ben
Becca” he opens his arm and I walk into it
Thank you” I say after some minutes
He hands me a shopping bag and says “Uche got you this
I turn to Uche and he shrugs sending me a dimpled grin.
Opening the shopping bag i bring out a beautiful black dress
Uche you shouldn’t have” i say
Nah, Dad would have wanted us to look really good” he says
I got myself a black tuxedo too” I can’t help but laugh
He insists on spending the night with you Becca” Ben says
I would love to have him over” i reply.
So it is settled Uncle Ben” Uche says
Becca there is something I do like to show you two” Ben says
What is it?” I reply
He hands me a CD, collecting it I walk to the CD player and put it in
Che’s voice fills the room, he is so handsome
“That’s Dad” Uche says
Sssssh” he goes silent as we listen in rapt attention
Che: “This is just a silly bet from Ben.We are making this video for two special people in our life or maybe three or four” he laughs
He says we never know when death will call” I glance at Ben and he looks away quickly
Uche my beloved son the apple of my eyes, I was so young when I had you but everyday I have no regrets, my love for you is beyond deep, you are my world, my continuation from where I stop, I love you so much words can’t explain I know you will grow up to be a perfect gentleman and everyday I pray I’m there to watch it happens but if I’m not know I’m here” Che touches his chest as Uche does the same “I love you Uchenna Evans and I’m forever proud to be your father
Becca……oh Becca he starts. My lover, my best friend my baby. I hope by the time you are watching this you are a grandma but if death decides to come early i hope you are my wife. I love you baby, you and Uche mean the world to me, my life is complete with you two. I don’t have regrets and you shouldn’t too. If you are watching this before Uche is eighteen please let Ben have him. Make your own life, make Che happy by living your own life, I love you forever and always.

Uche joins me on the couch as we cuddle and sob together
After some minutes I clean his tears and mine.

Ben: You guys were his everything.
Me: When did that video happen?
Ben: Three months ago
Me: Thank you Ben
Ben: I will see you all tomorrow Bye Uche
He says before leaving.
Me: No more tears Uche. Remember we have to be happy for Che
Uche wiping his tears: I tot u were gonna be my new mum
Me: Uche you are as mine as u were Che’s
I love you, you will always be my son
Uche: Are you sure?
Me: Yes baby
I kiss him full on the mouth again
Me: What do you wanna do?
Uche: I want you to try on the clothes i want to see how it looks like on you
Me: Anything for my superman i say as i pick up the cloth.

I can’t sleep, I have rolled from the left to the right of my bed more than 1000x
Che is gonna be put into the ground and in as much I am putting on a strong show it still doesn’t feel right. I am playing with his engagement band I have refused to take it off as I continue to count the ceiling. There is a slight knock on my door
Aunt Becca are you awake” the childish voice says
I stand up and open the door it is Uche and it is so obvious he hasn’t slept a wink
Can’t sleep?” I ask
He nods
Me: Come in
He enters and climbs my bed
Me: Are u scared?
He nods
Me : As I am too
Uche: Can i sleep here?
Me: Sure
Uche: Can we cuddle?
Me: Of course

We lie down in a spoon cuddle
Uche: We love you Che he says like Che was right there
Yeah he is right there he is in our heart.

Becca!!! Becca Becca
I open my eyes to see Ola, he is worried. I must have fallen asleep while I was remembering
Ola what are you doing here?” I ask
I let myself in, you didnt even know thats very unusual
I look at the table and it has bottles of wine and two glasses
I know what today is and I came to celebrate it with you

He opens a bottle and the glasses helping me up, he hands me one.

To Che and a life well lived.

We clink glasses…

To be continued……………………


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FOREVER........Is There One??



MEMORIES the thing about them is the fact that they have a way of fucking (pardon me) up your day or making your day. Sometimes I hate them and sometimes I love them.

I turn on my laptop and quickly connect to my neighbour’s WiFi. God bless his soul, he sure does know when to turn it on. Who doesn’t love free wifi…..looool

I have a skype call…’s my baby Uche, I pick it up.

Aunty Becca!!!” He is shouting as usual. I can’t help but smile

Uche!!!” I scream in return

He laughs “Uncle Ben’s wife asked to call you today,Today is Dad’s remembrance” he says with a serious voice

I nod….i can feel the rush of emotions, my floodgate is about to open

Don’t cry Aunt Becca” he says, understanding me as usual “I miss him” he says

I miss him too” I say..

I can’t believe he is just ten years old, he is so matured.

He is Che’s son and would have probably have been my adopted son….if not for DEATH….Death how cruel!!!! The tears start to flow.

You still wear it?” Uche says in a husky voice, he is trying to be strong for me i know….my hand has subconciously gone to my engagement chain, I nod

“I know Dad is happy in heaven because i am happy, Uncle Ben is such a good uncle” he says.

Ben is Che’s cousin who got custody of Uche, he relocated with his family and Uche of course four months after Che died. I really miss Uche tho everyday i wish Che and i had gotten married before….i bring my thoughts back.

How is Ben and Mel?

Everybody is fine” he says

You know Dad can only be fully happy in heaven when you are happy” Uche says

What do you mean?” I ask

He will want you to love again” he says…..More silent tears flow…

I dont think I can Uche” I reply weakly

Aunty Becca you can…..please do this for me and Dad. I want to have younger ones too” he says grinning

I can’t help but laugh “younger ones indeed

Aunt Becca make Che happy” he says….

I am shocked into silence with that statement, is this really a ten year old boy? He has grown up so much, Che will be so proud.

How is Aunt Eni and Aunt Des and everybody?” He asks

They all miss you” I reply

I miss them too, especially Debbie” his eyes twinkle with excitement…I roll my eyes, another “man” in my life entangled in Debbie’s charm

Becca loves Uche” I say

Uche loves Becca” he replies. I’m about to end the video call

Make Che happy” he ends it.

I can’t even bring myself to stand up, I’m so weak. My hand involuntarily goes to my engagement chain, I open the memories gate.

I will miss you bitches” Nneka as usual with her loud self..

Everyone is looking at her and I can see people speculating and gossiping if she is pregnant or not. I smile at their train of their thoughts, Nneka is perfectly slim and her career in modelling has taken a bigger swing with the activities she has lined up for Paris….her baby bump not stopping her.

“We will miss you too” Eni is saying

“Take care of urself and the baby” Des says

I sure will, I’m so happy” she shrills

We know” i reply.

Her flight is called.

That’s me i gotta run” she says “not literally though” rubbing her tummy, she laughs as usual to her own joke

Okay bae, kiss Segun for me” I say. Segun is her husband they have been married like forever, gist for another day.

I sure will” we all come in for a bear hug as usual mama bear.

Bye” she blows a kiss before turning and starts to walk away.

Eni shakes her head vigorously and i know she is trying to fight tears.

Let’s go” she finally says

Yeah” I turn and smile at Des she smiles back. We follow Eni out of the airport.

My car!!!!!!” Eni is screaming, shouting, wailing, jumping and doing everything at once.

Calm down” Des says

Calm!!! See the scratch on my car” Des and I follow her pointing hand and yeah it is a bad scratch but not as bad as exaggerated, I honestly don’t envy who is responsible for this scratch.

Hello miss” we all turn to the voice

Yeah?” Eni replies still not taking her eyes off the scratch

I’m really sorry about that… is all my fault. My driver was rushing to drop me so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I would pay for all damages” Des and I share a look as we practically fade to the background this is not our fight and honestly I need drama right now to take my mind off my drama.

You think sorry solves……” Eni finally takes her eyes off her car and finally looks at the guy.

Why did she stop mid sentence tho? I look at Eni and I could swear I could see her swallow spit

Why is your face familiar?” She asks him

Hey hey what about your car my mind is shouting at her

I dunno maybe you have seen me somewhere but then if you have you would definitely remember me” he says wearing a smirk.

You should be apologetic bruh my mind is warning him

I doubt you would have made an impression” Eni retorts

I know I would have” he smiles

He has dimples…. Oh shit!!! This is the end.

About my car ……” Eni starts to say, acting disinterested

Bitch I can see through you

Yeah about your car” he interrupts, is it only me or did he actually sound like he emphasized on the car.

Give me your card” he says

Why should I?” She retorts

He gets under Eni’s skin I’m enjoying this, I sense this will end well for both of them.

I need to call you to find out how we can fix that” he said pointing at the car while looking at her ass

Hmmmmmm…what exactly are we fixing here Mister

Oh? I don’t need your help mister” she says

You don’t, I agree but I insist on offering” he says

She shrugs, opening her purse, she hands him her card

Goodbye” she says before he could say anything

She gets into the car, Des and i quickly join her

What was that about?” I quickly ask her

How to get my car repaired” she replies

Des and I share a look via the mirror.

This is just the beginning.

We just dropped off Des at her place and Eni and I are headed to my studio.

Has he called?” She asks

We both know who she is talking about

Nope” I reply

Don’t worry he will” she says

I shrug. My boyfriend Che has gone AWOL on me for the past one week after he took me to his parent house and his mother walked me out of her house saying in her own words “No son of hers will marry any ngbati ngbati person” I actually do smile at that thought

Becca your phone is ringing” Eni says

I quickly answer


Is this Becca?

Yes, this is she, who is this?

You won’t know, you this cheap slut, sleeping with my boyfriend. Stay away from my man, he is mine

Wait, who is this?

The person hisses and hangs up

Who was that?” Eni asks

I honestly don’t know” I repeat what the person said

She is mad!!!” Eni screams

We do know this is Che’s mum right?”

I don’t know and i don’t care” I reply

Hmmmm” Eni says

About the site…..” She starts changing the topic.

I’m back home, it has been one long hectic day, fresh out of the shower drying my body, I see the red light blinking on my phone, maybe he has finally called. I pick up the phone and glance through my notifications nothing from him yet.

There is a knock on my door I quickly dry myself, grabbing my night robe I put it on

Coming” I shout

I open the door to find Uche standing alone at the door.

Uche is Che’s son and his mum, well a story for another day. And everyday I see this boy I wonder how son can be this cute. His mum an Hispanic American is a drug addict and unfit to be his mother that’s why Che has him

Uche! Did you come alone?” I ask foolishly” I am glancing around, I can’t see his father, my boyfriend. Uche is nine now and well no way Che would have let him come here alone

Nope Dad’s driver brought me here” he says

Oh?” I know, I sound disappointed, I thought he was here

Dad is sick, he needs you” Uche says

Sick? Che is sick?

Yeah” Uche is nodding

Wait here let me change……Never mind” I grab my keys and I lock the door as Uche and I run hands in hands to the car.

Uche runs through the door and I follow him

Why is everywhere so dark??

Uche!” I say

Suddenly a light comes on and I jump out of fright

May I have this dance Amante?

I turn to see Che with his outstretched hand, him on his knees and the ring in his hand

Amare-Stoudemire-proposed-to- alexis

I want to hold your hand and dance with you through it all. I want us to take our mistakes and make it into perfection, I want to love you and you me for the rest of our lives, I want you to take my heart Becca and make it yours. This past one week has made me realise how much I need, love and want you in my life” he takes my hand into his holding it…I’m crying….my heart is about to explode “God!!! I love this man” I scream in my mind

Say something Becca” he says.

I join him on my knees, taking his face into my hand, i kiss him.

I love you Che


Yeah” I nod.

Using his fingers he wipes my tears.

I don’t nt want to ever make you cry, your happiness is mine.” He says.

Bringing out a gold chain from his pocket he attaches the ring to it as a pendant as he wears the chain for me.

Whew!!!!!!” We both turn, Uche is standing at the door. Mischievious child i think.

Can I join?“he says

Of course my superman” I say

He runs into the open arm of his dad…..My fiance.

I stretch out my hand and switch off the alarm.

No it can’t be morning yet, I stretch lazily on the bed, the bed still scents like him.

Last night. I smile. Glancing at the clock it is 7am, barely an hour for me to drop Uche at school. Che had to attend an early morning meeting.

Driving Uche to school, he always has stories upon stories to tell, he is such a happy kid and his happiness tends to rub off. To think I will be his mum officially makes me happy….Don’t go jumping the gun Becca I think to myself, remember his mother Uche’s grandmother hates you.

We are here!!” I say interrupting Uche’s story about his friend who brought his pet (a cat) to school.

Yaay” he grabs his bag

Becca loves Uche” I say

Uche loves Becca” he says

He is getting down from the car when he suddenly turns to look at me

Grand mum is here” he says warily

Oh shit, I look around and I actually spot her

This is so not good” I mumble

You don’t need to come down” Uche says

I sigh Che don’t u keep anything from this boy I ask rhetorically

No, we need to say hi to Grand mum” I say

Okay if you say so” he shrugs as he gets out of the car.

Time to face your demons Becca. I come down and Uche walks around taking my hand into his, we walk towards his grand mum, I know he is doing it as a show of solidarity, but I don’t think it helps so much cause as soon as she sets eyes on us, I can literally see smoke coming out of her head. Uche has to release my hand as he hugs her

Grand mum

Uche how have you been?” She asks

Very well Grandma” he says politely

I came to see you” she says

What of your dad?” she glances at me and if looks can kill I will probably be singing halleuyeuah in heaven right now.

Early meeting” Uche replies

Okay” She nods

Grandma can I go now? I am going be late” he says

Sure you can” she says, she hugs him again and kisses him on his forehead

He turns to me winks and says “Uche and Che loves Becca” he runs off. I can’t help but smile.

I turn my attention back to my future mother-in-law and well my smile fades. Why does she hate me so much?? She barely knows me.

Good morning ma” I say

Keep your greetings to yourself, you have bewitched my grandson too with your evil Yoruba jazz, you gold digging blood sucking monster” she spits

I’m stunned into silence, I’m not a confrontational person and yeah I always flee from any exchange of insults.

You think I can’t see through you, you think I don’t know all these your good behaviour is because of what you want to eat where you didn’t sow but over my dead body, I won’t let you” she spits

This has to be some nollywood movie but I can’t believe “Patience Ozokwor” is going be my mother-in-law for the rest of my life.

She is still talking as I turn around and start to walk away.

“Yes, walk away you evil witch and as you are going, walk away from my son’s life too”

I turn abruptly and start to walk back to her.

Mama, you don’t know me, so I know I don’t deserve any of the insults you are dishing out this morning. I’m in love with your son, my fiancé Che and there is nothing you do that will ever make me leave him” the expression on her face when I say fiance almost makes me laugh but this isn’t me “hello inner bitch ” I think

You see that car” she continues, I point at my car parked at the other side

That’s mine, I bought it, I earned it from hard working, I’m not some gold digging whore, Mama you are Che’s mother and I know he adores you, I’m not fighting for your place in his heart, If you can just forgive me for whatever thing I have done and let’s move on but please don’t insult me again ever” I turn around and “FLOAT” to my car.

You said all that!!!” Eni is saying over the phone,

I nod like she can see me beaming from ears to ears

“I always knew you had it in you” she says

That’s what I call polite rude” she continues

I laugh at her expression

Guess who called?” She says before I can answer she continues

The guy from the airport, he has sent his driver to come get the car

Oh that’s cool, really nice of him

Yeah, i guess but honestly Becca that nigga gives me the chills and not in a bad way

Hmmm can you remember why is face was familiar

Yeah, he is Pharez Omotosho” she says

Are you kidding me? The Pharez?

Yeah, the CEO of the fastest growing Engineering firm, I saw his picture in a magazine and you know me i never forget a face

Yeah” I say

Wow those pictures didn’t do him no good at all” I says

I know right” she laughs.

My other phone is ringing i glance at the caller Id Che

Eni can we talk later?” I say

Hmmmm…..Che” she replies

I’m so happy for you bae about your engagement” she says

Thanks boo

Bye” she hangs up

I answer his call


Hey watsup” i say

Are you okay? I heard what happened at Uche’s school today, I know mum must have created some kinda scene I’m really sorry

Whoever must have gisted him probably didn’t give him the full story

No baby, it’s okay, you can’t keep apologizing everytime about mum, don’t worry she will come around” i say

Errrrrmmm” he sounds unsure

Becca?” He asks

I laugh “of course this is she” I say

Where you at?

I’m at the site” I reply

You know all these Lekki wives, the woman insists I’m here everyday to supervise a job i know is in capable hands

Lekki wives” he laughs

You and this expression, but you know you will soon be one

I smile “Nah i won’t, I’m gonna be your wife, I’m still gonna be Becca

Oshey feminist” he says sarcastic

Go away jooor” i reply jokingly

I love you Becca forever and always

As I do” he hangs up.

Hey Ola

Hey Becca” we have been neighbours for almost two years now and during that time we have grown really close almost best friends, he is such a successful young man and if there was no Che, it would probably have been him.

“I was coming to your place, you look tired whats up?

Just coming from the site” he helps me with my bag as i open the door.

My flatmate, my cousin is not around, she has travelled to the States to spend her leave.There is so much to gist her about.

Thank you” I collect the bag from him as we both enter into the apartment. I walk into the room to drop the bag and change into comfortable clothes, coming back into the sitting room, I find Ola with an already opened bottle of wine, I sigh playfully

Whoops, I forgot to ask” he teases

Let me put rice on fire” I say and bring out the stew

Yeah no p. thanks, just shout my name if you need me” he says

I roll my eyes at him and walk to the kitchen.

My tummy is so full I feel fat, workout tomorrow is gonna be hectic I think. We have the finish the bottle of wine already

I will do the dishes” Ola says

Okay” he takes the plate to the kitchen

I take my laptop and I start to work on some pictures, some demanding customers yet pay so little and expect so much

New chain?” Ola says

I was subconsciously playing with my engagement band around my neck

Yeah something like that” I answer

Is that an engagement band?” He asks

I used to think Ola was gay when we first met, knew too much about being a girl, knew jewellery, very grayish behaviour but I guess that’s what happens when you are the only boy and last born of five sisters.

Yeah” I answer

He has finally gathered some sense and proposed” Ola says

He walks up to me, lifts me up and spins me

I’m so happy for you, Becca” he says

I’m laughing as he is too, he is such a sweet guy.

We should celebrate with more wine” he says as he drops me

I think we already did” I glance at the empty bottle of white wine

Well I didn’t know then” he says shrugging

You aren’t touching another bottle of wine from my fridge

Well I have an apartment with a fridge filled with wine, let’s leave here

Are you trying to get me drunk?

So I could have my wicked ways with u?” he pretends to be thinking

Hell yeah” I punch him, he laughs before saying

Becca, I’m really happy for you

Let’s go to your place” I respond

My head is pounding. Yeah that’s what happens when you drink three bottles of white wine and watch movies too late.

How did I get here tho? I was at Ola’s apartment the last time I remembered. Ola

I’m still wearing my comfortable clothes of yesterday, I grab aspirin and down it with a bottle of water by my bedstand, grabbing my phone, I see a missed call from Ola I call him back, he picks on the second ring

How is the head?” He says


He laughs, “As it ought to be“.

Where are you?” I ask

Office” he replies

Weren’t we together till 3am yesterday? ” I glance at the clock it is just 7am

Yeah we sure were” I hear the voice of his secretary in the background

Let me call you later Becca” he says

No problem

I hang up, I dial out again, I haven’t spoken to my mum in days.


Omo” she replies

Morning ma’am


We talk about everything that has been going on at her shop, my younger sister Debbie and her many troubles she is creating as usual.

Okay ma, bye love you” I end it

I lie down as I fall asleep again.

Someone is knocking on the door or is it my head. I open my eyes

Yeah it is the door.Standing up grudgingly, I walk to open the door

Where have you been?” Eni says entering into my apartment

Sleeping” I reply

Che was worried abt you, he has been calling my phone constantly” she says

Sorry I had a late night with Ola” I say simply

I have a lunch date with Pharez” she says

He has returned the car already? ” I ask

Yeah, yesterday night, he painted it white” I walk to the window and look at the carpark yeah her white car is parked there glowing in it image

How did he know?

That I can’t answer” she replies

Let me call Che” I say

I walk to my room, take my phone and true to Eni’s words I have 5missed calls from Che and ten from Eni, I raise my eyebrow

I dial Che, he picks on the first ring

Baby I’m sorry I had u worried I just had a late night with Ola and have been so hungover been asleep since

Oh? No problem then although u had me worried, Eni with you now” he says

The thing about our relationship is the trust that exists between us

Yeah she is

How is Ola by the way?

You know him same old same old” I reply

I’m travelling to Abuja today” he says “might be dere for a week pls can Uche come stay with u for the next one week

Do you need to ask?” I say

I will love to have him over

Thanks baby, I will have the driver drop him off after school today

No problem

I love you forever and always I will call you when I land in Abuja

I love you too baby” I hang up.

I walk back to the sitting room to see Eni has changed into a Louis Vuitton black body hugging gown that emphasizes her ass if only she knows that’s what Pharez wants to fix, she will probably be wearing Mary Amaka’s gown she paired it with her Jimmy Choo white sandals that I have plans of stealing.

You look good” I say

I know I do” she replies cockily

I roll my eyes.

Is he coming to pick you or you are driving to meet him

I’m to meet him at Golden Gate restaurant but I’m gonna be late as usual

What time is your date?

12 noon” I glance at the clock it is 12:30

Yeah I know” she says following my stare “15more minutes

Errrrrm no wahala I need to freshen up,I have to go to the site

Yeah true, do your thing, I will let you know when I leave

It is been a whole week and two days since Che travelled and I miss him so much but I have Uche and he has been great company a handful tho but I could do this one week again, again and again cause of him but I miss my man. Eni and Pharez have been on several dates everyday of the week and God knows after every date he gets closer to fixing it

Cause of Dad you are making that special meal” Uche is sitting on the high chair with me in the kitchen

Yeah I’m sure he must have arrived in Lagos” I say

I miss him” he says “not that I don’t love being with you Aunty Becca” he says

I smile at him and ruffle his hair with my free hand

Your phone is ringing” he says as he hands the phone to me

I answer it


Miss Becca?

Yeah this is she

Do you know one Mister Che Evans

Yes I do. What’s this about

He has been involved in an accident and he is in our hospital

Accident?” Uche stops what he is doing and turns to me

I look away and try to concentrate on the phone call

Which hospital” I say shaking

She rats out an address and the name

Thank you” I say as I hang up.

My hands are shaking and I am quivering, I’m crying now

Aunt Becca what’s going on” Uche asks

Go to the next door Uche, call Ola” he comes down and runs out of the apartment.He is back within  seconds with Ola at his heels. I am still standing on the same spots, tears are flowing freely now and I can’t still move

Becca what’s going on” Ola says wrapping me up in a hug

I shove him away “Che has been involved in an accident” I say

Dad?” Uche says

I nod at him

Where is he at?” Ola asks

I rat out the same address to Ola

Let’s go” he grabs my car key

I bend down and scoop Uche up, he is really big but I don’t feel anything, his eyes are wet with tears and his cheeks are stained

No, it is not true Aunt Becca” he says

Sssssh  it is gonna be all right” I reply him

As we all leave the apartment.

To be continued………………………


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FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…..Is There One?? CHAPTER 5


Sunlight!!!!! I grunt and open my eyes immediately lifting my hands up to shield my eyes from it……”who is in my apartment?” I open my eyes to adjust to the bright light……. The person is in all white…Am I dead?? Jesus is that you?? My inner bitch is laughing at me… way I’m in heaven, she can’t be here if I’m in heaven, I shake my head and blink twice and finally I can focus on the person…… It is Debbie…… My younger sister… She is laughing like she could see my train of thoughts….. I smile briefly before I stand up to give her full hug. I have missed her so much she is in one of these private universities studying Law….and well….she is wearing my White Forever 21’s gown, I have been looking hell and heaven for it and she took it. My smile turns to a frown and she just laughs whipping her long Brazilian hair as she strolls past me to my bed

You have been looking for it shey?” She asks
I roll my eyes at her……
What are you doing here?” I reply
Eheheh… I can’t come and see my big sister again eh…….” She replies
Debbie….you know that’s not what I mean….
Governorship election joor, I decided to take a break from school this weekend, you know I wasn’t even around for Presidential or Easter
Mum knows you are here?

She gives me this look like I have seven horns on my head so I clamp my mouth shut….. mum thinks she is in school.

My gown looks really nice on you…..” I say sarcastically
Oh thank you very much……Everyone loves the gown at school” she replies…..ignoring my sarcasm…. There is no winning with this child.
Why do you look like you have been hit by a flying bus?” She asks as she picks up her iPhone 6 from her bag….iPhone 6…..I raise up my nose questioningly…….
Ola bought it for me” she answers my unsaid question
Ola who?” I ask
She rolls her eyes at me…….”He hasn’t told you?
Told me what? Wait!!! Are we talking abt Ola my best friend
Of cezz” she stands up, she is smiling, I whip my hair back and front…

No Becca…..bring your mind back here….what is Ola my best friend buying an iPhone for my sister for…….We have been best friends for so many years and he hasn’t even bought me a recharge card…….

I will get the door” Debbie says as she leaves the room.
Who is that? Maybe Eni or Des.

I grab a big shirt and comb my hair to submission as I walk out the room…….
Ola and Debbie are having a heated conversation, so I stand at the door and wait for them to notice my presence……they don’t seem to after five minutes, so I clear my throat loudly…..very unladylike I know…..I have their attention now or should I say their silent attention
Ola” I nod a greeting to him coolly. He walks up to me and hugs and pecks me on the forehead.
How do you feel?” He asks
Good” I step away from him.
What’s up with you and Debbie?
I’m gonna whip up breakfast” Debbie shouts as she walks into the kitchen.
You can run but you can’t hide……. I smirk at her with my James Bond’s expression

Let’s sit Becca” Ola says…….
Nope, I think I need to hear this standing” I reply
I like Debbie a lot….. And we have been hanging out for a while now, she likes me back and we are just trying to see where this goes not rushing anything

I notice his choice of words hanging out instead of dating..

Hanging out or dating” I ask
You never miss anything do you…..the latter” he replies
Hmmmmm…..” I move close to him and have to stand on my tiptoe to meet him eye to eye
You hurt her and I am gonna forget u are my best friend….. I’m gonna have your body cut into pieces and used for Suya
His eyes twinkle with laughter before he nods his head vigorously.
Good” I walk to the fridge and bring out a bottle of wine….
Care for some?” I ask
Sure” he walks up to me and holds my hand as I’m about to get the corkscrew……
Thank you” I nod… I take the corkscrew and open the wine.

Eni called me yesterday and gave me a lowdown abt everything….. Been trying your number, you weren’t picking…… You got me really worried” he says
I smile as I pour him some wine…….
I know…… It is ridiculous right…… Him expecting me to marry him, I barely know him and he knows he is dying why would I want to get into a marriage that I know can’t even last Two years and he wants me to have his child too…..a child he wont even get to see… is so ridiculous, I get weak thinking about it……..” I finish…


Ola is sipping his wine and listening as soon as I finish he drops his wine and walks up to me…..

Becca…… I don’t know, but this is a guy offering his imperfect life to you, asking you to help me complete it…..that’s the sweetest shit I have heard in a while…… Yes it might not last for long but it might last forever… Just get to know him…….don’t block him out cus of this……” His hands are on my shoulder and he has me pinned down, I don’t have a choice but to look at him and listen
Don’t rush anything but pls don’t block him out….. Please” He finishes and releases me……. “Promise me you will give it a try” I shrug and before I can reply…….Debbie walks in……

“Wow !!! No broken bottles, blood everywhere, and brain tissues…I’m proud of you sis.

She has grown a lot…..she is no longer a child, I don’t need to protect her so much……I love you to pieces Debbie but now you are an adult….. Back pedestal for me…..I think.

Ola walks up to her and kisses her quickly on the mouth….. I’m still not used to it but they seem happy…… I have to be happy for them too..

Debbie and Ola have gone out on a date or something like that and I have been cleaning ever since… I am so exhausted…… I throw myself on d couch and put on the TV…….My phone!!!! I have a phone…….*sighs* standing up I walk to my room and pick up my phone…….so many notifications……I check my whatsapp first and see messages from Eni and Des checking if i was good….. Missed call from mum I call her back…. She doesn’t pick, redial still no answer, she will call me when she sees it.

I send a quick message to Eni and Des telling them I’m good and thanking Eni for calling Ola…..talking about Ola….he is the only one I have been able to talk to about this and now he got me thinking…. My phone vibrates and I check it probably a response from any of my babies, opening the message I see it is from an unknown number
I’m at your door” the message simply said
Who could that be?” standing up, I walk to the door and open it, it is Deji Davis….looking as cocky as ever….. He doesn’t look like someone who just left the hospital a day before.

What are you doing here?” I say
Hello to you too Becca” he steps into my apartment and walks to the kitchen counter I have no choice but to lock the door.
You said never call me again not never message me….or never come over or never talk to me……
Hmmmm…..are we actually using that line?” I reply
Yes we are Becca, we are…….
Can we just sit and talk….let’s forget what I ever said?
Forget?… can’t just drop a bomb and expect to pick it later and act like it never exploded..
Yeah I know Becca, but just give me this chance……let’s have a do over
A do-over? …..” I sigh, tired of arguing
Let’s have a do over” he throws a fist in the air before walking to me, lifting me up, he spins me around……
Thanks“…. He walks to the couch and sits down
So what are we seeing?” He asks
Heard of this movie……Empire?….that’s what we seeing” I reply…

Grabbing some chips from the kitchen counter I walk to the couch to join him…

Thanks for having this do-over” he says….

I hand over the chips to him,, he takes it and starts to eat..

How do you feel?” I ask
Brand new” he replies…..
Don’t say anything” he says as he leans forward to kiss me.
I find myself opening my mouth as his lips touch mine…………

Heaven on earth afterall..

To be continued………………


FOREVER........Is There One??



It felt like falling down from the sky without the aid of a parachute, it was all sweet sailing in the sky like a bird but you know when you land you are gonna crash and probably die. It is scary sweet. I knew I was falling for him as I stared down at him on the hospital bed, he looks so frail, so sick, slimmer than how I thought he was, a slight knock on the door turns my attention to the door, as Pharez and Eni walks in, standing up I walk up to Eni and embrace her, hugging her brings fresh pain and I start to cry, she just rocks me like her baby, after some minutes, I pull away and look into her eyes she is nodding in understanding and I give her a quick smile before turning to Pharez, he draws me in for a quick awkward hug, I sigh, for someone who I used to be very close to that was distant.

We need to reach his family” glancing at Deji still on the bed, “he has been here for two days now” I finish turning to Pharez……

Pharez shakes his head before saying “He wouldn’t want them to know
But he is on the hospital bed, they deserve to know
Becca trust me on this” Pharez replies before walking to Deji’s bed….I almost shout at me but I take a deep breath and turn to Eni she stretches her hand and I take it.

How is Des?” I ask
She is good….we did as you asked and continued with the engagement party, she is on her way here
Good” I nod my head and send her a tired smile
How are you?” She asks
Honestly I don’t know” I reply “I’m not supposed to care this much for the guy, I barely know him but it feels like Che again
She nods again in understanding and squeezes my hand.

Doctors said anything?
Nope but I think it is a normal occurrence, when his driver Wale and I brought him they knew his case, if you understand what I mean, I don’t know maybe I’m just thinking too much but why doesn’t he want his family to know?” I ask her like she has an answer
Let’s keep ……” She is interrupted by a cough I turn sharply and walk quickly to his bed, he is awake.

He looks at me briefly before turning his eyes to Pharez
Again?” He asks weakly…..

Pharez nods, Eni hands Pharez a cup of water as Pharez helps him drink it. And I am watching the exchange throughout like I wasn’t there and Deji is avoiding my eyes
A moment alone” he says cleaning his mouth….Pharez nods and I turn and start heading to the door, he is ignoring me, I can’t believe this….. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn “He wants to talk you Becca” he whispers, I stop in my track as I watch Eni and Pharez leave.

a girl

I turn back to look at Deji he is looking at me and me only…..I turn my face away, for the first time I can’t stand a guy’s stare…

Becca look at me” he says, he still sounds weak and I cant help myself i turn to him.
Should I get the doctor?” I ask.
Nope they are not gonna tell me anything I don’t already know” he replies

I quirk my eyebrow questioning his statement

Come and sit” he says
No thanks” I reply
What I have is not contagious” he replies
I blink rapidly did I hear right?? Did he just think I am avoiding to touch him, my pity and sympathy builds up to anger and I start to pace the room…

Contagious? I have been with u for the past thirty six hours, are you mad?” I realise I’m shouting and I walk up to him looking into his eyes “if what you have is contagious I’m dying too
He smiles and den starts to laugh, I raise my eyebrow at him and he stops.

I’m sorry …….sit” I sit “I just couldn’t continue seeing pity in your eyes, it is killing me” he says, I nod but I don’t say anything.
Becca….I’m dying, the doctor says I have less than six months to live and well I’m dying, no one knows just Pharez, Wale, my immediate elder sister, you and Eni” he smiles weakly… “I have a tumor growing in my brain and if they remove it, it will leave me brain dead, it is growing rapidly but yesterday was the second time that ever happened.
I’m just sitting there, my sense of speech has been eaten by whale, I really can’t make my mouth say anything.

Say something” he says
I’m……..” He raises his hand up and I clamp my mouth shut
I need you Becca” he whines in pain before he continues “I want to marry you

My legs start to shake and it feels like I just have been hit by a grenade
Where is my Bruno Mars?” I’m screaming in my mind, bringing myself back I turn to look at him, he is squinting and trying to focus on my face.

Marry you? Is that another one of your jokes, Deji?

He rolls his eyes before he answers “This is no joke Becca, I’m dying and I have everything, money, my family, but I want my own family, my own family” he repeats….. I finally understand and I almost punch him then I remember he is dying.

Don’t ever call me again” I say, I stand up and walk out of his hospital room without glancing back, shutting the door I walk to the waiting room and see Eni, Des and Pharez…… I walk up to Des and hand her my car keys “Please drive me home” without giving a second glance at Pharez, I walk away with Eni and Des following me, Yeah my babies we always stick together. We walk to my car in silence and as I am about to get in Eni holds me and asks….

Wanna talk about it?” She asks
I look into her big eyes and I almost start to cry again

Nope, Becca get a grip” my inner bitch shouts at me…..I shake my head, she nods and I get into the car.
We are driving in silence and my mind starts to run a race.

Why does life have to be like this…..can’t I be happy? I hate you Deji, you can’t just come into my life and drop a bombshell…..marry you, have a child for you ( a child you won’t get to see) this is ridiculous I cant do this…….. See me wishing for a steady relationship and my Grandmother going to Shiloh for a proposal for me and now this.

I sigh deeply, I can see Des looking at me and I roll my eyes as I turn away, it has been a long forty eight hours. I fall asleep.

To be continued……………………………………………..