FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…..Is There One?? CHAPTER 10

I am holding the Nikon camera to myself while staring at the ceiling….I don’t know why but the roof suddenly interests me, “I can’t please him enough” she said, what does that even mean.

I have been avoiding Deji since then, not picking his calls or replying his messages I think I am being overly dramatic but she says I can’t please him enough and I really want to know what that means and he ain’t ready to explain.

My reminder suddenly chimes bringing me back to earth, I have a job this morning a pre-wedding shoot, it is big considering the groom is the son of one of the biggest socialite in the city but I don’t know why I am not excited as I would normally be. I sigh deeply, pick up my bag and get ready to leave the house “It is gonna be a long day” I say to myself.

“It was really nice working with you” Mr Hart the groom was saying
“The pleasure is all mine, it was beautiful working with you, you both look so good together, near perfection” I smile at him, his wife to be smiles and says nothing. She is blonde and but not natural hair colour but blonde with her brains, I know it sound insulting but really baby girl doesn’t have a mind of her own but she has looks, so yeah at least a plus.

“Thank you so much Miss Becca” Mr Hart says
“You’re welcome and it is Becca, thank you”
“And it is Mayowa then” he replies
We share a smile as the couple walk away.

I pack up with the help of my assistant, I have a new assistant by the way, her name is Uche, she is young and really very adorable.

“Becca” Uche calls
I look up from my laptop….we are back at the studio.
“There is a man outside sitting on your car says he needs to see you urgently”
She says
“A man?” I ask
“Yeah, he says his name is Deji”
“I don’t want to see him” I reply
She looks at me pointedly
“He really has been out there for so long and the sun is so hot and…….”
I shoot her look and she goes quiet
“Thank you very much, now you can tell him to leave as you can see I am extremely busy.”
“Okay” she replies and leaves.

I sigh deeply and keep staring at the laptop
“You know you are so dramatic” my inner bitch says “you gonna let your man go cause of some THIRSTY BlATCH you gotta lay down the laws baby girl
Lay down the laws?? I raise my eyebrows……
I stand up and walk out to meet “my man”

Deji and Uche are having a discussion. Deji’s face is set hard, he looks angry and sad
He looks up and sees me and his face suddenly lits up it feels like a movie, it feels like love…..I shake my head and smile back at him
He stands up and walks to me still smiling

“I have missed you” he says
I just smile and say nothing
“These past 3 days have been rough, like I really did miss you, you were in my head all through these days” he says
“I missed you too” I say
I actually did I realised
“Oh my baby” he says before drawing me in for a kiss.


This feels like home I think to myself after he releases, I notice my inner bitch smiling at me mouthing “tell him what you want”

I wink at her and turn to him he is looking at me with a strange smile in his eyes

“I ain’t nuts yet” I say with a chuckle he laughs and that makes me smile
“I don’t want you seeing Isabella again” I say

He quirks his lips and says nothing, his eyes urges me to continue talking…I notice his pupils aren’t so black…  They are like brown why didn’t I ever notice that before.

“Baby” he says quietly
“Yeah about Isabella I don’t like her, and I think she is lying about her husband hitting her that man I saw adores her and can never hit her” 
“She still had the hots for you and it is obvious she is manipulative” I say

He doesn’t say anything for a long time and I swear it feels like eternity, my inner bitch is standing with her mouth pouted and her hands on her waist “why can’t I be bitchy like that” I think to myself……

“Baby Isabella can never be an issue between us…I am yours” he says with finality
“I am yours” my head keeps toying with those three words that make a simple sentence but carry deep meaning I can’t bring myself to say anything.
“Now all I want you to be is mine and trust me completely” he says
I am still standing there…..I think I have lost my ability to talk, my inner bitch walks up to me and literally punches me to reality
“I notice how you skipped my entire statement but I will manage that for now Kiss me” I say
He smirks before placing his mouth on mine.

Eni and I have a sleepover at her place.  I love her apartment the interior decorations are beyond impeccable well I will say that since it is my work.
“See the way you are glowing baby girl” I hear her say.

It has been a week since Deji and I kissed in the car park of my office and it has been a blissful week, he has to be the most lovable creature ever and he makes me so happy and yeah he is mine.

“What you smiling at?” Eni says
“At the fact that we are dating best friends even though I know they never call themselves that but yeah they are”
“Honestly I swear I can’t believe it” she says
“Pharez has been acting weird lately tho” She says while scoping two cups of ice cream
“Weird?? Watchu mean??”
“I don’t know but like he has a lot on his mind, I haven’t seen him in a week and really the highest we have gone since we got together is two days”

I laugh at her 1 week complaints…

“It is not funny” she says
“I am sure he is just busy with work, that’s all” I say apologetically
“Do you think he might be.”
She is cut off by the ring on the doorbell

“Expecting someone?” I ask
“Nah” she says shaking her head while she walks to the door.

She opens the door and it is a delivery man, he hands her bag and a note
“Thank you very much” she mutters
Shutting the door, she turns to me with surprise written on her face, I collect the Bag and on opening it I saw two packages from Tiana Styling with her name labelled on it, we are both staring at ourselves with surprise, do we have a secret admirer? was the delivery man in the wrong place? I can see Eni’s brain working actively too.

She opens the letter and reads it….I see her worry turn to a big smile so I guess it must be Pharez.
“Pharez?” I asked knowingly
She laughs and nods her head
“I don’t know what this surprise is about but get dressed and let’s find out” she says.

Eni and I are holding hands as we enter into the restaurant….It is practically empty and the lights are off.
“Are we in the right place?” I am thinking to myself. We enter into the restaurant and suddenly the light goes on, pictures of Eni and Pharez are everywhere. Eni is silently sobbing, I squeeze her hands tightly and smile at her, Pharez walks out and is looking extremely dashing, he walks up to Eni as I step aside.

“This is your show baby girl” I mouth at her.

Pharez goes on one knee and says

“Eni I want to make a forever with you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you at night, I want to be your Prince, your King and I want you to be my Princess and my Queen, I want you to hold me down when I am hurt and make me laugh the way you can make me laugh, let’s spend this lifetime and the next together.”

Eni is sobbing silently and I swear I can never forget this moment in my entire life.

“Marry me?” He asks

Eni kneels down and joins him “Yes baby! Yes baby!! Yes baby!!!” she keeps saying

He laughs and slips the ring into her finger, they are kissing so passionately.

I look away to see Deji and every other mutual friend of ours, I notice Eni’s parents, I smile at them and walk up to them.
Obviously Eni and I just walked into her engagement party.

To be continued………………………………………………………………………………


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