FOREVER........Is There One??



My hand is still on the door, I can’t let my resolve go, I have learnt that to get a Nigga to talk you gotta do something dramatic, they only respond to drama.

Are you talking?
That’s Isabella, my ex girlfriend, we were together for seven years, through university and all, when i got sick, she travelled for a professional course, so i wasn’t keeping in touch, we rarely spoke, by the time she returned she was married and i was left hanging.

Awwww my baby, how he must have felt alone sick and jilted, my heart weeps for me.

Do you still love her??” I ask instead
Not anymore, now I pity her” he replies
Don’t go baby please stay with me let’s make memories together, you are the one I want” he continues

My hand leaves the door handle….and I walk towards him, standing directly in front of him

Let’s try this. I don’t know about this marriage thing but let’s create memories
Now you are using what I said against me but I will accept anything you are ready to give me.

I smile shyly and open my arms for a hug instead he lifts me up and spins before dropping me and placing a big kiss on my lips, I laugh at his childishness.

We should go out to your guests
Yes we should” he says still holding my hand.

I place a quick kiss on his mouth and starts to walk away ensuring i swing my hips as much as I can, knowing he was staring.

Why are you so happy??” Eni asks

I try to feign ignorance but she gives me the look so I decided to spill the beans

I think we are dating” I say as I send a quick smile to Deji and he returns it winking at me.

Wow!!! I am so happy for you babes. Deji is a really awesome guy, you guys will bring out the best in each other.” Eni says

I take her hands and smile, I’m so excited she is happy about it.

Thank you babes
For what??” She raises her eyebrow at me and i can’t help but laugh at her dramatic self
For being a good friend
Oh please b**** if we dont take care of us who will?

We both laugh at our silly rants and earn a weird look from our men ignoring them we continue our discussion.

I’m hugging and kissing Eni and Pharez. They are the last to leave. It has been a swell party but I’m tired to my bone marrow, being Deji’s woman is a lot of work I must say but honestly I love the feel of being called his woman.

Tired yeah??” He says kissing my hands
Extremely but you know I had to help you with the guests
Yeah and thank you for that
No problem but I need to be on my way. The maids are already cleaning up the house, so there is really nothing for me to do.
Can you stay a little more??
I raise my eyes at him questionly and he smiles.
Not what you think but if that’s what you want I’m willing to oblige he winks at me and i punch him playfully.
Come with me baby he takes my hand and leads the way.

We are in another big room in this house it will take a while before i actually know this place.It is a beautiful house tho.

This is a big house
Deji just smiles and nods before saying “Sit I will be with you in a bit
I nod and sit on a nearby cushion as he dashes out, he returns within minute holding a black bag, I glance at the bag before returning to his face, he is smiling sheepishly and he looks so cute, I can’t help but smile back.

What’s that??” I ask
Be patient young lady” he says.
He hands over the bag to me and I open the bag to see a wrapped item in it, I bring it out and start to open it again he is standing quietly watching my every move.
I open it and it is the latest Nikon Camera, I scream in excitement as I carefully drop it, I run to him he catches me as I fly on me I start to baptize his face with lipstick filled kisses he is laughing and I am laughing, I’m so overwhelmed with happiness I start to cry……..

Lil Mama did I do anything wrong??” His face is laden with concern and worry I can’t help but smile at how sweet he is.
No nothing Deji, I’m just so excited” his face immediately breaks into a smile.
Just one of the few perks of being my woman, although if you still want it I’m still willing to oblige” he sends me crooked smile and I can’t help but pull his ears.
Ouch! That hurts woman
Boy that’s no way to talk to a lady.” I flip my long Indian weave dramatically.
He laughs.
But you know we could start from where we left off.” I noticed how happy my inner bitch was as I said those words
We could.

I bite my lips on purpose and I watch the effect of my action on his face.

Come here” he says as he drags my face into his our mouth crashing, I sigh deeply into his mouth as he bites my lips playfully, cupping my ass he raises me up and I can’t help but stand on my toes hanging on to his mouth like letting go will kill me. After some minutes I finally let go as I come up for air.


My vixen” he says as he runs his finger round my lips and I swear I am hot all over, this feels so right, I step away from him before I do something I’m going to regret. He doesn’t question my reaction but nods in understanding.

I walk back to the where I placed the camera, I pick it up and I start to caress it.

Should i be jealous??” he ask
I’m still holding the camera to my breast
Yeah you should because this is my new baby
But you know that’s supposed to be my head.
He smirks at me
You are such a whore Mr man.
And so much more baby.
Thank you for the gift
You welcome. Now you can use that create hard copies of our memories.

I smile and blush shyly at his suggestion.
There is a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Deji says
Mr Soji enters
Sir your permission is needed in the living room.” Mr Soji says
I will be there
Okay sir.
Mr Soji leaves.
Wanna come with me??
I don’t think…..” He interrupts me
Baby when you are with me don’t think just do.

I smirk at his statement and he laughs at my reaction. Dropping the camera I follow him hand in hand out of the room.
Isabella is talking to a man I have not seen before but I notice Deji tenses as soon as he sees the man.

What is he doing here??” Deji ask
He sounds angry, I look at him but can’t decode nothing on his face.
Isabella looks quickly at me before turning back to Deji
Why is she still here??” Isabella ask
The man puts his hand on her shoulder but she shrugs it off as she fixes her attention on Deji
Cause she is my woman and this is my house.” Deji replies her
I notice my inner bitch “do the yoga”
What is that man doing in my house??
He is still my husband.
This husband” finally speaks up.
Mr Deji Thank you for taking care of my wife after her accident.
He walks up to Deji stretching his hands for a handshake, Deji ignores it
Accident?? Or after you beat her up if not because of her I do have you locked up in prison.
The husband turns quickly at Isabella shocked, she looks away.
Can she be lying i think
“Beat her up?? I have never lay my hands…….” Deji interrupts him with a shake of his head
Isabel, what do you wanna do??” Deji ask
He is my husband after all and you seem to be busy with that” she spits
That??? Did this crazy ass lady just call me that, my inner bitch is getting her glove ready.
The name is Becca.” I say
She eyes me quickly before saying
We will take our leave
She walks up to Deji and pecks him on the cheek, she turns to me and says “You can never please him enough.

To be continued………………………………..



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