FOREVER........Is There One??



I recently  saw a quote that says “Sometimes the reason for your happiness is also your source of unhappiness” I think that’s real deep and also true.

So it is May 29th, inaugauration day, I am driving to Deji’s place, he invited me for a “mini party” as he called it and well I made sure I am solidly two hours late, I am surprised he hasn’t called yet, I have been avoiding him these past few weeks, putting most of my energy into work, family, friends and Uche and honestly putting a lot of thoughts into Deji’s proposal.

I horn vigorously and the gateman opens the door quickly.

I smirk at him. He smiles back curtseying, driving in I find a quick parking spot, everyone seems to be around, I spot one of Pharez’s car, Eni will be here for the moral suppport, I check myself in d mirror to check if my makeup needs adjustment, nah it doesn’t. Thanks to YouTube, I am now  perfect with make ups.

The walk of shame/fame/happiness/eagerness, I don’t even know which one it is as I walk to the door, I knock slightly and an old uniformed man opens the door.

Good day sir” I curtsey
Ma’am, everyone is in the sitting room” he replies

I thank him as I try to find my way following the noise to this sitting room, there are about four different rooms that leads to this sitting room that ought to be the sitting room.
Sigh! all these rich folks and wasting space, I finally reach the sitting room and standing at the door I scan everyone’s face looking for someone familiar, I spot Eni’s face and smile at her, she smirks right back and then i notice everyone is silent, okay except Olamide’s shakiti bobo’s song blaring from the speaker.

Do I have horns on my head?? Oh shit has my makeup smeared, I definitely look like shit, my eyes sees an object walking towards me and I try quickly to focus, it is a subject……Deji Davis, he looks so good in his white armless and white short, he is holding two glasses of white wine, he finally meets up to me, it feels like a scene from one of these indian movie as we both stand and stare at each other.

He is eyeing me cautiously and I stand defiantly…I am such a child I know

You look good, real good” he says handing me a glass of wine

Oops that’s why the silence and Eni’s smirk…. I glance quickly at her and smile when I see her still gauging our conversation..

Thank you, you don’t look half bad yourself” yeah my ego is back on Kanye Level

He gives me a half smile, half smirk

You got my invite” he says
As everyone else” I mumble a reply
You weren’t answering my calls, replying my messages, even not acknowledging my gifts” he defends.

Okay maybe I took it a little overboard but I needed some time to think, I reply my inner bitch who is arms spreading and questioning my stupidity.

I have been busy” I reply
Hmmmm” he says as he sips his wine

He is staring at me and I am staring right back

Awkward!!! My inner bitch is jumping up and down shouting at me. I spare her no glance as I catch another subject walking towards us. Deji turns to the arriving person, it is Eni she taps his arms and I raise my eyebrow ignoring it she draws me in for a hug.


Becca so nice to see you” I peck her on the cheek rolling my eyes
You knew I will be here” I mumur into her mouth

She laughs releasing me like I said something funny

Is my baby here giving you a hard time?” Eni turns to Deji
He smiles “Nothing I cant handle” he replies

I raise my eyebrow at him and he does the same

Eni laughs again and I look at her questionly

Pharez has been asking after you” she says
Deji” she says excusing us or better still dragging me with her.

My mouth hurts, I have been smiling and getting an introduction from almost everyone here, I know some of them from Pharez and Eni’s get together but Eni seems to know everybody and Deji has refused to take his eyes off me.

I can’t even flirt” my inner bitch shouts at me. I nod at her in understanding.

I am in the middle of a discussion with three people I just met, Eni is somewhere with Pharez, Deji places his arm on my waist, I know he is the one, his perfume

Can we talk?” He whispers into my ear

All six pair of eyes are staring at us so I know I can’t be dramatic, feigning a smile I turn to Deji

Of course” I reply through my teeth

Taking my hand into his he walks with me to another part of the house in silence we enter into a big room and i note it is an office, he releases me and steps away

You smell real good” he says
A new perfume?” He continues
Yeah” I reply
How did you know?” I smirk back at him
I am very good with my nose” he replies
Hmmmmmm” I reply nodding in understanding, I am also terrific with my nose but funny enough i only smell body odour i roll my eyes at that thought and chuckle.

Something funny?” he says
An inside joke with myself” I reply without thinking
Can I be inside?” he answers in return
I raise my eyebrow at him and he laughs heartily

He has a good laugh. He steps towards me and uses his free hand to rub my cheeks, I find my face leaning towards his arms, we are staring at each other like two dogs on heat.

When did this turn to this?? I am thinking
We hear a chuckle and we both turn to the direction, it is coming from the office toilet, he doesn’t step away as two figures come out of the toilet, it is Eni and Pharez, I take a step away from Deji and he glances at me for a bit before turning back to “THE DOGS ON HEAT.”
Eni’s head is bowed and she is staring at anyone except Deji, I am used to such activities from these two.Their sexual life, God!!! Well she is Calabar and he is Delta terrible combination.

I can see you two have been busy” Deji says as he drops his glass of wine
Errrrm Eni had an issue with her zipper, I am just here to help” Pharez says innocently
I am sure you were the perfect help” Deji says with enough sarcasm
Eni wasn’t he?” He asks Eni
Eni’s head shoots up and I swear, I think she is orange in colour
The zipper was really a lot of trouble” she replies Deji
Zipper my ass, that gown doesn’t have zipper, I know this because I bought the gown.
Well considering the gown doesn’t have a zipper” Deji says
I wonder what was been zipped up
now Eni is green and well Pharez seems to be sharing a private joke with himself
Deji will you stop already?” Pharez finally says
Deji laughs again and that’s when i realise he is ignoring me
We would leave you two to continue doing whatever you were doing” Pharez says sending childish glances at me, he puts his hand on Eni’s waist, I finally find my voice
Keep your hands off my friend” I retort at him
If she will keep her hands off me first” he retorts laughing
Eni is finally purple, I laugh at her facial expression as he rushes out of the room with Pharez on her tail.

I turn back to my soon to be husband
Where did that come out from?” I turn at my inner bitch, she shrugs ignoring me
Are you ashamed of me?” He asks
Ashamed of you? What are you talking about?
You stepped away from me as soon as they walked in like I had a contagious disease
Are we back to that again?” I asked

I take few steps to where he is, taking his face into my hands
I am not ashamed of you, I didn’t know who that was, it was my subconscious and the fact that you are not that healthy is not the reason
Then marry me” he says placing his hands on mine
Nope nope this wasn’t the plan for this conversation
I mean, i am scared, i am scared the father of my child might die before he comes to the world, i am scared that my heart will be ripped finally and forever, i am scared of all these things but not of you
We are silent and staring at each other
Oh God baby, I know, I am scared too but I really want this but you need to want this too” he says
Kiss me” I whisper

He sighs deeply before he takes my mouth, he owns it within seconds and lifts me up as I wrap my legs around his waist, he releases a pleasurable sigh and I do the same, grabbing my ass he palms it sexily (if I must say as he lifts me up more….I smile

What?” He says in between kisses
Nothing” I reply biting his lips
Better” I know he is smiling as we continue necking…..

“Ma’am, he is with someone…….the door is opened hastily and his mouth sadly releases mine, raising up his head, he releases me hastily but gently ensuring my feet is on the ground before he lets go off my waist

Isabel” he says worriedly as he starts to walk to the intruding woman and the butler, Mr Soji

You may go now Mr Soji” he says

I hear the door shut, so i finally turn, his arms is wrapped around the Isabel lady as she sobs on his chest, he is gently rocking her like she is a toy and I note she is not any taller than me, and we could actually share the same clothes

I am so sorry” Isabel is saying amidst her sobs
No it is not your fault baby” he says patting her head
He says it is, he says I make him so angry” she replies

He looks up at me, beckoning for me to bring a chair, I do just that.
He helps her sit, I notice she whines in pain, she finally looks up and notices me, I immediately notice the scar on her face and the busted lips and the swollen eyes, I smile at her sadly…..

Hello I am Becca” I say
I am Bella” she says shyly
Do you need anything, water, juice?” I ask
Nah I am fine thank you” She answers.

Deji is standing over her like a hawk…. On his phone, I can’t really hear what he is saying but he is angry.

Who did this to you?” I ask
She hangs her head in shame and almost slap myself for asking her such a question, there is a long awkward silence before she answers

My husband

I cringe at the thought of being beaten by my husband. Deji ends his phone call and bends towards her.

You will be staying here with me for now until you are alright and ready to take the next step, whatever the step you choose” he says

She nods her head and tries to control her quiet sob….
He takes her face in his hand and I swear I could see the sparks flying.

He suddenly stands, I will call Mr Soji, he picks up his phone and dials a number

Yes I need you to come thank you” he hangs up, within seconds, there is a slight knock at the door.

Come in” he says briskly
Mr Soji enters
Mr Soji please take Bella to the guest room, give her everything she needs and make sure she is comfortable. Thank you

Mr Soji nods in understanding, Deji helps Bella up as she walks out with Mr Soji, him still not taking his eyes off her.
As soon as the door shuts,he sighs deeply before turning to me.

I am sorry about that” he says

I still remain my stand, staring at him blankly

Who was that? And what kind of relationship do you two have?” I ask
Are you jealous?” he retorts
Does this answer my question?” I respond

After few minutes of no response from him, I turn and start to walk out of his office.

Becca don’t go, let me explain.

To be continued………………………… 



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