FOREVER........Is There One??



MEMORIES the thing about them is the fact that they have a way of fucking (pardon me) up your day or making your day. Sometimes I hate them and sometimes I love them.

I turn on my laptop and quickly connect to my neighbour’s WiFi. God bless his soul, he sure does know when to turn it on. Who doesn’t love free wifi…..looool

I have a skype call…’s my baby Uche, I pick it up.

Aunty Becca!!!” He is shouting as usual. I can’t help but smile

Uche!!!” I scream in return

He laughs “Uncle Ben’s wife asked to call you today,Today is Dad’s remembrance” he says with a serious voice

I nod….i can feel the rush of emotions, my floodgate is about to open

Don’t cry Aunt Becca” he says, understanding me as usual “I miss him” he says

I miss him too” I say..

I can’t believe he is just ten years old, he is so matured.

He is Che’s son and would have probably have been my adopted son….if not for DEATH….Death how cruel!!!! The tears start to flow.

You still wear it?” Uche says in a husky voice, he is trying to be strong for me i know….my hand has subconciously gone to my engagement chain, I nod

“I know Dad is happy in heaven because i am happy, Uncle Ben is such a good uncle” he says.

Ben is Che’s cousin who got custody of Uche, he relocated with his family and Uche of course four months after Che died. I really miss Uche tho everyday i wish Che and i had gotten married before….i bring my thoughts back.

How is Ben and Mel?

Everybody is fine” he says

You know Dad can only be fully happy in heaven when you are happy” Uche says

What do you mean?” I ask

He will want you to love again” he says…..More silent tears flow…

I dont think I can Uche” I reply weakly

Aunty Becca you can…..please do this for me and Dad. I want to have younger ones too” he says grinning

I can’t help but laugh “younger ones indeed

Aunt Becca make Che happy” he says….

I am shocked into silence with that statement, is this really a ten year old boy? He has grown up so much, Che will be so proud.

How is Aunt Eni and Aunt Des and everybody?” He asks

They all miss you” I reply

I miss them too, especially Debbie” his eyes twinkle with excitement…I roll my eyes, another “man” in my life entangled in Debbie’s charm

Becca loves Uche” I say

Uche loves Becca” he replies. I’m about to end the video call

Make Che happy” he ends it.

I can’t even bring myself to stand up, I’m so weak. My hand involuntarily goes to my engagement chain, I open the memories gate.

I will miss you bitches” Nneka as usual with her loud self..

Everyone is looking at her and I can see people speculating and gossiping if she is pregnant or not. I smile at their train of their thoughts, Nneka is perfectly slim and her career in modelling has taken a bigger swing with the activities she has lined up for Paris….her baby bump not stopping her.

“We will miss you too” Eni is saying

“Take care of urself and the baby” Des says

I sure will, I’m so happy” she shrills

We know” i reply.

Her flight is called.

That’s me i gotta run” she says “not literally though” rubbing her tummy, she laughs as usual to her own joke

Okay bae, kiss Segun for me” I say. Segun is her husband they have been married like forever, gist for another day.

I sure will” we all come in for a bear hug as usual mama bear.

Bye” she blows a kiss before turning and starts to walk away.

Eni shakes her head vigorously and i know she is trying to fight tears.

Let’s go” she finally says

Yeah” I turn and smile at Des she smiles back. We follow Eni out of the airport.

My car!!!!!!” Eni is screaming, shouting, wailing, jumping and doing everything at once.

Calm down” Des says

Calm!!! See the scratch on my car” Des and I follow her pointing hand and yeah it is a bad scratch but not as bad as exaggerated, I honestly don’t envy who is responsible for this scratch.

Hello miss” we all turn to the voice

Yeah?” Eni replies still not taking her eyes off the scratch

I’m really sorry about that… is all my fault. My driver was rushing to drop me so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I would pay for all damages” Des and I share a look as we practically fade to the background this is not our fight and honestly I need drama right now to take my mind off my drama.

You think sorry solves……” Eni finally takes her eyes off her car and finally looks at the guy.

Why did she stop mid sentence tho? I look at Eni and I could swear I could see her swallow spit

Why is your face familiar?” She asks him

Hey hey what about your car my mind is shouting at her

I dunno maybe you have seen me somewhere but then if you have you would definitely remember me” he says wearing a smirk.

You should be apologetic bruh my mind is warning him

I doubt you would have made an impression” Eni retorts

I know I would have” he smiles

He has dimples…. Oh shit!!! This is the end.

About my car ……” Eni starts to say, acting disinterested

Bitch I can see through you

Yeah about your car” he interrupts, is it only me or did he actually sound like he emphasized on the car.

Give me your card” he says

Why should I?” She retorts

He gets under Eni’s skin I’m enjoying this, I sense this will end well for both of them.

I need to call you to find out how we can fix that” he said pointing at the car while looking at her ass

Hmmmmmm…what exactly are we fixing here Mister

Oh? I don’t need your help mister” she says

You don’t, I agree but I insist on offering” he says

She shrugs, opening her purse, she hands him her card

Goodbye” she says before he could say anything

She gets into the car, Des and i quickly join her

What was that about?” I quickly ask her

How to get my car repaired” she replies

Des and I share a look via the mirror.

This is just the beginning.

We just dropped off Des at her place and Eni and I are headed to my studio.

Has he called?” She asks

We both know who she is talking about

Nope” I reply

Don’t worry he will” she says

I shrug. My boyfriend Che has gone AWOL on me for the past one week after he took me to his parent house and his mother walked me out of her house saying in her own words “No son of hers will marry any ngbati ngbati person” I actually do smile at that thought

Becca your phone is ringing” Eni says

I quickly answer


Is this Becca?

Yes, this is she, who is this?

You won’t know, you this cheap slut, sleeping with my boyfriend. Stay away from my man, he is mine

Wait, who is this?

The person hisses and hangs up

Who was that?” Eni asks

I honestly don’t know” I repeat what the person said

She is mad!!!” Eni screams

We do know this is Che’s mum right?”

I don’t know and i don’t care” I reply

Hmmmm” Eni says

About the site…..” She starts changing the topic.

I’m back home, it has been one long hectic day, fresh out of the shower drying my body, I see the red light blinking on my phone, maybe he has finally called. I pick up the phone and glance through my notifications nothing from him yet.

There is a knock on my door I quickly dry myself, grabbing my night robe I put it on

Coming” I shout

I open the door to find Uche standing alone at the door.

Uche is Che’s son and his mum, well a story for another day. And everyday I see this boy I wonder how son can be this cute. His mum an Hispanic American is a drug addict and unfit to be his mother that’s why Che has him

Uche! Did you come alone?” I ask foolishly” I am glancing around, I can’t see his father, my boyfriend. Uche is nine now and well no way Che would have let him come here alone

Nope Dad’s driver brought me here” he says

Oh?” I know, I sound disappointed, I thought he was here

Dad is sick, he needs you” Uche says

Sick? Che is sick?

Yeah” Uche is nodding

Wait here let me change……Never mind” I grab my keys and I lock the door as Uche and I run hands in hands to the car.

Uche runs through the door and I follow him

Why is everywhere so dark??

Uche!” I say

Suddenly a light comes on and I jump out of fright

May I have this dance Amante?

I turn to see Che with his outstretched hand, him on his knees and the ring in his hand

Amare-Stoudemire-proposed-to- alexis

I want to hold your hand and dance with you through it all. I want us to take our mistakes and make it into perfection, I want to love you and you me for the rest of our lives, I want you to take my heart Becca and make it yours. This past one week has made me realise how much I need, love and want you in my life” he takes my hand into his holding it…I’m crying….my heart is about to explode “God!!! I love this man” I scream in my mind

Say something Becca” he says.

I join him on my knees, taking his face into my hand, i kiss him.

I love you Che


Yeah” I nod.

Using his fingers he wipes my tears.

I don’t nt want to ever make you cry, your happiness is mine.” He says.

Bringing out a gold chain from his pocket he attaches the ring to it as a pendant as he wears the chain for me.

Whew!!!!!!” We both turn, Uche is standing at the door. Mischievious child i think.

Can I join?“he says

Of course my superman” I say

He runs into the open arm of his dad…..My fiance.

I stretch out my hand and switch off the alarm.

No it can’t be morning yet, I stretch lazily on the bed, the bed still scents like him.

Last night. I smile. Glancing at the clock it is 7am, barely an hour for me to drop Uche at school. Che had to attend an early morning meeting.

Driving Uche to school, he always has stories upon stories to tell, he is such a happy kid and his happiness tends to rub off. To think I will be his mum officially makes me happy….Don’t go jumping the gun Becca I think to myself, remember his mother Uche’s grandmother hates you.

We are here!!” I say interrupting Uche’s story about his friend who brought his pet (a cat) to school.

Yaay” he grabs his bag

Becca loves Uche” I say

Uche loves Becca” he says

He is getting down from the car when he suddenly turns to look at me

Grand mum is here” he says warily

Oh shit, I look around and I actually spot her

This is so not good” I mumble

You don’t need to come down” Uche says

I sigh Che don’t u keep anything from this boy I ask rhetorically

No, we need to say hi to Grand mum” I say

Okay if you say so” he shrugs as he gets out of the car.

Time to face your demons Becca. I come down and Uche walks around taking my hand into his, we walk towards his grand mum, I know he is doing it as a show of solidarity, but I don’t think it helps so much cause as soon as she sets eyes on us, I can literally see smoke coming out of her head. Uche has to release my hand as he hugs her

Grand mum

Uche how have you been?” She asks

Very well Grandma” he says politely

I came to see you” she says

What of your dad?” she glances at me and if looks can kill I will probably be singing halleuyeuah in heaven right now.

Early meeting” Uche replies

Okay” She nods

Grandma can I go now? I am going be late” he says

Sure you can” she says, she hugs him again and kisses him on his forehead

He turns to me winks and says “Uche and Che loves Becca” he runs off. I can’t help but smile.

I turn my attention back to my future mother-in-law and well my smile fades. Why does she hate me so much?? She barely knows me.

Good morning ma” I say

Keep your greetings to yourself, you have bewitched my grandson too with your evil Yoruba jazz, you gold digging blood sucking monster” she spits

I’m stunned into silence, I’m not a confrontational person and yeah I always flee from any exchange of insults.

You think I can’t see through you, you think I don’t know all these your good behaviour is because of what you want to eat where you didn’t sow but over my dead body, I won’t let you” she spits

This has to be some nollywood movie but I can’t believe “Patience Ozokwor” is going be my mother-in-law for the rest of my life.

She is still talking as I turn around and start to walk away.

“Yes, walk away you evil witch and as you are going, walk away from my son’s life too”

I turn abruptly and start to walk back to her.

Mama, you don’t know me, so I know I don’t deserve any of the insults you are dishing out this morning. I’m in love with your son, my fiancé Che and there is nothing you do that will ever make me leave him” the expression on her face when I say fiance almost makes me laugh but this isn’t me “hello inner bitch ” I think

You see that car” she continues, I point at my car parked at the other side

That’s mine, I bought it, I earned it from hard working, I’m not some gold digging whore, Mama you are Che’s mother and I know he adores you, I’m not fighting for your place in his heart, If you can just forgive me for whatever thing I have done and let’s move on but please don’t insult me again ever” I turn around and “FLOAT” to my car.

You said all that!!!” Eni is saying over the phone,

I nod like she can see me beaming from ears to ears

“I always knew you had it in you” she says

That’s what I call polite rude” she continues

I laugh at her expression

Guess who called?” She says before I can answer she continues

The guy from the airport, he has sent his driver to come get the car

Oh that’s cool, really nice of him

Yeah, i guess but honestly Becca that nigga gives me the chills and not in a bad way

Hmmm can you remember why is face was familiar

Yeah, he is Pharez Omotosho” she says

Are you kidding me? The Pharez?

Yeah, the CEO of the fastest growing Engineering firm, I saw his picture in a magazine and you know me i never forget a face

Yeah” I say

Wow those pictures didn’t do him no good at all” I says

I know right” she laughs.

My other phone is ringing i glance at the caller Id Che

Eni can we talk later?” I say

Hmmmm…..Che” she replies

I’m so happy for you bae about your engagement” she says

Thanks boo

Bye” she hangs up

I answer his call


Hey watsup” i say

Are you okay? I heard what happened at Uche’s school today, I know mum must have created some kinda scene I’m really sorry

Whoever must have gisted him probably didn’t give him the full story

No baby, it’s okay, you can’t keep apologizing everytime about mum, don’t worry she will come around” i say

Errrrrmmm” he sounds unsure

Becca?” He asks

I laugh “of course this is she” I say

Where you at?

I’m at the site” I reply

You know all these Lekki wives, the woman insists I’m here everyday to supervise a job i know is in capable hands

Lekki wives” he laughs

You and this expression, but you know you will soon be one

I smile “Nah i won’t, I’m gonna be your wife, I’m still gonna be Becca

Oshey feminist” he says sarcastic

Go away jooor” i reply jokingly

I love you Becca forever and always

As I do” he hangs up.

Hey Ola

Hey Becca” we have been neighbours for almost two years now and during that time we have grown really close almost best friends, he is such a successful young man and if there was no Che, it would probably have been him.

“I was coming to your place, you look tired whats up?

Just coming from the site” he helps me with my bag as i open the door.

My flatmate, my cousin is not around, she has travelled to the States to spend her leave.There is so much to gist her about.

Thank you” I collect the bag from him as we both enter into the apartment. I walk into the room to drop the bag and change into comfortable clothes, coming back into the sitting room, I find Ola with an already opened bottle of wine, I sigh playfully

Whoops, I forgot to ask” he teases

Let me put rice on fire” I say and bring out the stew

Yeah no p. thanks, just shout my name if you need me” he says

I roll my eyes at him and walk to the kitchen.

My tummy is so full I feel fat, workout tomorrow is gonna be hectic I think. We have the finish the bottle of wine already

I will do the dishes” Ola says

Okay” he takes the plate to the kitchen

I take my laptop and I start to work on some pictures, some demanding customers yet pay so little and expect so much

New chain?” Ola says

I was subconsciously playing with my engagement band around my neck

Yeah something like that” I answer

Is that an engagement band?” He asks

I used to think Ola was gay when we first met, knew too much about being a girl, knew jewellery, very grayish behaviour but I guess that’s what happens when you are the only boy and last born of five sisters.

Yeah” I answer

He has finally gathered some sense and proposed” Ola says

He walks up to me, lifts me up and spins me

I’m so happy for you, Becca” he says

I’m laughing as he is too, he is such a sweet guy.

We should celebrate with more wine” he says as he drops me

I think we already did” I glance at the empty bottle of white wine

Well I didn’t know then” he says shrugging

You aren’t touching another bottle of wine from my fridge

Well I have an apartment with a fridge filled with wine, let’s leave here

Are you trying to get me drunk?

So I could have my wicked ways with u?” he pretends to be thinking

Hell yeah” I punch him, he laughs before saying

Becca, I’m really happy for you

Let’s go to your place” I respond

My head is pounding. Yeah that’s what happens when you drink three bottles of white wine and watch movies too late.

How did I get here tho? I was at Ola’s apartment the last time I remembered. Ola

I’m still wearing my comfortable clothes of yesterday, I grab aspirin and down it with a bottle of water by my bedstand, grabbing my phone, I see a missed call from Ola I call him back, he picks on the second ring

How is the head?” He says


He laughs, “As it ought to be“.

Where are you?” I ask

Office” he replies

Weren’t we together till 3am yesterday? ” I glance at the clock it is just 7am

Yeah we sure were” I hear the voice of his secretary in the background

Let me call you later Becca” he says

No problem

I hang up, I dial out again, I haven’t spoken to my mum in days.


Omo” she replies

Morning ma’am


We talk about everything that has been going on at her shop, my younger sister Debbie and her many troubles she is creating as usual.

Okay ma, bye love you” I end it

I lie down as I fall asleep again.

Someone is knocking on the door or is it my head. I open my eyes

Yeah it is the door.Standing up grudgingly, I walk to open the door

Where have you been?” Eni says entering into my apartment

Sleeping” I reply

Che was worried abt you, he has been calling my phone constantly” she says

Sorry I had a late night with Ola” I say simply

I have a lunch date with Pharez” she says

He has returned the car already? ” I ask

Yeah, yesterday night, he painted it white” I walk to the window and look at the carpark yeah her white car is parked there glowing in it image

How did he know?

That I can’t answer” she replies

Let me call Che” I say

I walk to my room, take my phone and true to Eni’s words I have 5missed calls from Che and ten from Eni, I raise my eyebrow

I dial Che, he picks on the first ring

Baby I’m sorry I had u worried I just had a late night with Ola and have been so hungover been asleep since

Oh? No problem then although u had me worried, Eni with you now” he says

The thing about our relationship is the trust that exists between us

Yeah she is

How is Ola by the way?

You know him same old same old” I reply

I’m travelling to Abuja today” he says “might be dere for a week pls can Uche come stay with u for the next one week

Do you need to ask?” I say

I will love to have him over

Thanks baby, I will have the driver drop him off after school today

No problem

I love you forever and always I will call you when I land in Abuja

I love you too baby” I hang up.

I walk back to the sitting room to see Eni has changed into a Louis Vuitton black body hugging gown that emphasizes her ass if only she knows that’s what Pharez wants to fix, she will probably be wearing Mary Amaka’s gown she paired it with her Jimmy Choo white sandals that I have plans of stealing.

You look good” I say

I know I do” she replies cockily

I roll my eyes.

Is he coming to pick you or you are driving to meet him

I’m to meet him at Golden Gate restaurant but I’m gonna be late as usual

What time is your date?

12 noon” I glance at the clock it is 12:30

Yeah I know” she says following my stare “15more minutes

Errrrrm no wahala I need to freshen up,I have to go to the site

Yeah true, do your thing, I will let you know when I leave

It is been a whole week and two days since Che travelled and I miss him so much but I have Uche and he has been great company a handful tho but I could do this one week again, again and again cause of him but I miss my man. Eni and Pharez have been on several dates everyday of the week and God knows after every date he gets closer to fixing it

Cause of Dad you are making that special meal” Uche is sitting on the high chair with me in the kitchen

Yeah I’m sure he must have arrived in Lagos” I say

I miss him” he says “not that I don’t love being with you Aunty Becca” he says

I smile at him and ruffle his hair with my free hand

Your phone is ringing” he says as he hands the phone to me

I answer it


Miss Becca?

Yeah this is she

Do you know one Mister Che Evans

Yes I do. What’s this about

He has been involved in an accident and he is in our hospital

Accident?” Uche stops what he is doing and turns to me

I look away and try to concentrate on the phone call

Which hospital” I say shaking

She rats out an address and the name

Thank you” I say as I hang up.

My hands are shaking and I am quivering, I’m crying now

Aunt Becca what’s going on” Uche asks

Go to the next door Uche, call Ola” he comes down and runs out of the apartment.He is back within  seconds with Ola at his heels. I am still standing on the same spots, tears are flowing freely now and I can’t still move

Becca what’s going on” Ola says wrapping me up in a hug

I shove him away “Che has been involved in an accident” I say

Dad?” Uche says

I nod at him

Where is he at?” Ola asks

I rat out the same address to Ola

Let’s go” he grabs my car key

I bend down and scoop Uche up, he is really big but I don’t feel anything, his eyes are wet with tears and his cheeks are stained

No, it is not true Aunt Becca” he says

Sssssh  it is gonna be all right” I reply him

As we all leave the apartment.

To be continued………………………


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