FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…..Is There One?? CHAPTER 5


Sunlight!!!!! I grunt and open my eyes immediately lifting my hands up to shield my eyes from it……”who is in my apartment?” I open my eyes to adjust to the bright light……. The person is in all white…Am I dead?? Jesus is that you?? My inner bitch is laughing at me… way I’m in heaven, she can’t be here if I’m in heaven, I shake my head and blink twice and finally I can focus on the person…… It is Debbie…… My younger sister… She is laughing like she could see my train of thoughts….. I smile briefly before I stand up to give her full hug. I have missed her so much she is in one of these private universities studying Law….and well….she is wearing my White Forever 21’s gown, I have been looking hell and heaven for it and she took it. My smile turns to a frown and she just laughs whipping her long Brazilian hair as she strolls past me to my bed

You have been looking for it shey?” She asks
I roll my eyes at her……
What are you doing here?” I reply
Eheheh… I can’t come and see my big sister again eh…….” She replies
Debbie….you know that’s not what I mean….
Governorship election joor, I decided to take a break from school this weekend, you know I wasn’t even around for Presidential or Easter
Mum knows you are here?

She gives me this look like I have seven horns on my head so I clamp my mouth shut….. mum thinks she is in school.

My gown looks really nice on you…..” I say sarcastically
Oh thank you very much……Everyone loves the gown at school” she replies…..ignoring my sarcasm…. There is no winning with this child.
Why do you look like you have been hit by a flying bus?” She asks as she picks up her iPhone 6 from her bag….iPhone 6…..I raise up my nose questioningly…….
Ola bought it for me” she answers my unsaid question
Ola who?” I ask
She rolls her eyes at me…….”He hasn’t told you?
Told me what? Wait!!! Are we talking abt Ola my best friend
Of cezz” she stands up, she is smiling, I whip my hair back and front…

No Becca…..bring your mind back here….what is Ola my best friend buying an iPhone for my sister for…….We have been best friends for so many years and he hasn’t even bought me a recharge card…….

I will get the door” Debbie says as she leaves the room.
Who is that? Maybe Eni or Des.

I grab a big shirt and comb my hair to submission as I walk out the room…….
Ola and Debbie are having a heated conversation, so I stand at the door and wait for them to notice my presence……they don’t seem to after five minutes, so I clear my throat loudly…..very unladylike I know…..I have their attention now or should I say their silent attention
Ola” I nod a greeting to him coolly. He walks up to me and hugs and pecks me on the forehead.
How do you feel?” He asks
Good” I step away from him.
What’s up with you and Debbie?
I’m gonna whip up breakfast” Debbie shouts as she walks into the kitchen.
You can run but you can’t hide……. I smirk at her with my James Bond’s expression

Let’s sit Becca” Ola says…….
Nope, I think I need to hear this standing” I reply
I like Debbie a lot….. And we have been hanging out for a while now, she likes me back and we are just trying to see where this goes not rushing anything

I notice his choice of words hanging out instead of dating..

Hanging out or dating” I ask
You never miss anything do you…..the latter” he replies
Hmmmmm…..” I move close to him and have to stand on my tiptoe to meet him eye to eye
You hurt her and I am gonna forget u are my best friend….. I’m gonna have your body cut into pieces and used for Suya
His eyes twinkle with laughter before he nods his head vigorously.
Good” I walk to the fridge and bring out a bottle of wine….
Care for some?” I ask
Sure” he walks up to me and holds my hand as I’m about to get the corkscrew……
Thank you” I nod… I take the corkscrew and open the wine.

Eni called me yesterday and gave me a lowdown abt everything….. Been trying your number, you weren’t picking…… You got me really worried” he says
I smile as I pour him some wine…….
I know…… It is ridiculous right…… Him expecting me to marry him, I barely know him and he knows he is dying why would I want to get into a marriage that I know can’t even last Two years and he wants me to have his child too…..a child he wont even get to see… is so ridiculous, I get weak thinking about it……..” I finish…


Ola is sipping his wine and listening as soon as I finish he drops his wine and walks up to me…..

Becca…… I don’t know, but this is a guy offering his imperfect life to you, asking you to help me complete it…..that’s the sweetest shit I have heard in a while…… Yes it might not last for long but it might last forever… Just get to know him…….don’t block him out cus of this……” His hands are on my shoulder and he has me pinned down, I don’t have a choice but to look at him and listen
Don’t rush anything but pls don’t block him out….. Please” He finishes and releases me……. “Promise me you will give it a try” I shrug and before I can reply…….Debbie walks in……

“Wow !!! No broken bottles, blood everywhere, and brain tissues…I’m proud of you sis.

She has grown a lot…..she is no longer a child, I don’t need to protect her so much……I love you to pieces Debbie but now you are an adult….. Back pedestal for me…..I think.

Ola walks up to her and kisses her quickly on the mouth….. I’m still not used to it but they seem happy…… I have to be happy for them too..

Debbie and Ola have gone out on a date or something like that and I have been cleaning ever since… I am so exhausted…… I throw myself on d couch and put on the TV…….My phone!!!! I have a phone…….*sighs* standing up I walk to my room and pick up my phone…….so many notifications……I check my whatsapp first and see messages from Eni and Des checking if i was good….. Missed call from mum I call her back…. She doesn’t pick, redial still no answer, she will call me when she sees it.

I send a quick message to Eni and Des telling them I’m good and thanking Eni for calling Ola…..talking about Ola….he is the only one I have been able to talk to about this and now he got me thinking…. My phone vibrates and I check it probably a response from any of my babies, opening the message I see it is from an unknown number
I’m at your door” the message simply said
Who could that be?” standing up, I walk to the door and open it, it is Deji Davis….looking as cocky as ever….. He doesn’t look like someone who just left the hospital a day before.

What are you doing here?” I say
Hello to you too Becca” he steps into my apartment and walks to the kitchen counter I have no choice but to lock the door.
You said never call me again not never message me….or never come over or never talk to me……
Hmmmm…..are we actually using that line?” I reply
Yes we are Becca, we are…….
Can we just sit and talk….let’s forget what I ever said?
Forget?… can’t just drop a bomb and expect to pick it later and act like it never exploded..
Yeah I know Becca, but just give me this chance……let’s have a do over
A do-over? …..” I sigh, tired of arguing
Let’s have a do over” he throws a fist in the air before walking to me, lifting me up, he spins me around……
Thanks“…. He walks to the couch and sits down
So what are we seeing?” He asks
Heard of this movie……Empire?….that’s what we seeing” I reply…

Grabbing some chips from the kitchen counter I walk to the couch to join him…

Thanks for having this do-over” he says….

I hand over the chips to him,, he takes it and starts to eat..

How do you feel?” I ask
Brand new” he replies…..
Don’t say anything” he says as he leans forward to kiss me.
I find myself opening my mouth as his lips touch mine…………

Heaven on earth afterall..

To be continued………………



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