FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…….Is There One?? CHAPTER 3


So I had this discussion with one of my very good friends about forever she seems to be of the same opinion with a lot of other people that there is no FOREVER. Forever could be a nanosecond you know, just that minute, hours, weeks, days, months, years that matters. A forever started when your mother first laid eyes on you, a forever started when you found “spirituality“. Forever is not eternal.

So I am sitting across the table from Deji Davis…we are at a Chinese restaurant on the Island, I have barely touched my food, yeah I watch my weight like every other girl, I am not perfectly slim I work for it, but on the other side Deji Davis has one healthy appetite, he dabs his mouth and asks “don’t you like it???
Nah I just already ate” I reply
Oh?? I am sorry pardon my manners I never even asked you whether you had anything to eat already
He smiles at me and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I have always known I am not a good gambler but in this one I knew I was gonna lose because I still wanted to see him again.

Let’s start over” he says
Hmmmmm…….I am Becca Osha
Deji Davis” he replies
Osha??? Really??? What does that mean


I laugh at his facial expression, he is smiling at me again……..
It is been two hours of extreme fun and laughter…… And he didn’t even offer to come in I am sitted on my favourite couch and thinking about our date. After the restaurant, we went to a Karaoke club and then we went to the seaside…….There is something about that brother I can’t place my hand on……all this too good to be true stories….. Prince Charming he seems to be like that, I pick up my phone and call Des……We have been friends too since college days and I still don’t know any better listener than her, she doesn’t really have anything to say but the fact that she listens actually listens just gets me, she picks on the third ring and I give her a lowdown of everything….

She is quiet as usual and let me talk….
So what do u think I should???
I think you should go with the flow, see where it leads you” she replies
I think so too
Good, I have good news for you by the way, I was about to call you when you called me” she says
What is it???” I
Toby proposed” she says
Wow!!!!!! That’s great news I am happy for you…… did you tell him Yes” I ask jokingly
Nah….. I told him Nah of course” she says laughing, Toby has been her boyfriend for the past two years and I am really excited for her, I turn and see my inner bitch smirking, “Don’t do that you fool” I mouth at her…. I bring my mind back when Des starts to say my name
Yeah I am with you, send the address…..tomorrow evening no problem, love you much, kiss Toby for me
I hang up…..

Okay I’m not envious but I’m jealous…… You know that pang of jealousy you get when a friend gets a new shoe, new weave or looks better than you when you guys are turning up……I actually believe been jealous is not such a bad thing afterall our God is a jealous God, I’m not jealous that I wanna ruin her relationship, I’m jealous that I wish i had that, not getting married or something like that but a steady relationship.

I get up and walk to my bathroom for a quick shower, and change into my nightwear it has been a long day I need rest.

I am on my internet trying to find concept for my product photography shoot today, when my phone rings, I glance at the caller ID and quickly answer
Hey Mr Davis
Hey Osha
I sigh deeply…….”can you stop already??
If you call me baby….” He replies
Smooth very smooth I think to myself “trust me I love Osha a lot, makes me feel closer to my late grandfather
He laughs, he has this throaty laughter that I have come to like a lot.

So watchu doing???”
“Surfing the net I have a shoot in a bit and you??
On my way to a meeting” he replies
Handsfree???” I ask quickly, I once lost a lover to a car accident while he was on the phone with his mother but that’s a story for another day.
No I am being driven
So watchu doing this evening???
Nothing really……
oh no today is Des’s engagement party my brain reminds me..
…I’m sorry, I mean I have an event to attend” I say
Des’engagement party???
How do you know this??” I quirk my eyebrow like he can see me
I know everything Osha” I can bet he is smiling so I roll my eyes…….
Want me to come along??” He asks
Just a bunch of friends hanging out, I’m not so sure it is your thing
Are you gonna be there???“.

Before I can respond he continues
Then it is my thing

I look up to see my inner bitch bowing and clapping like she was at the theatre…..”oh please get a life” I mouth at her
Okay then I will meet you there at 7pm, I will send you the addy
See you at 7…..later Osha

I hang up……I quickly send him the addy before I drop my phone, grabbing my laptop bag and my “photography box” I dash out of my apartment.

It is 7:30pm and I am just driving into the Toby’s house, my photoshoot took longer than expected and then a sister has to look good, I am retouching my face when a tap on my window makes me turn……it is Deji Davis…..oh shit….I forgot totally I had a date…. I mouth step aside as I open the door….. He is just staring at me
I’m so sorry I kept you …………” He interrupts with a raise of his hand before he says “if you look this good I can’t complain” I’m smiling from head to toe, yeah literally…..taking his offered hand, we start to walk the door when suddenly he grunts “Are you okay???” I ask…..grabbing his shoulder he starts to moan in pain “Deji” I am holding him but i dont think he can hear me…..
What’s wrong??
Reddington hospital” he whispers before he collapses.

To be continued…………………….



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