FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER…….Is There One?? CHAPTER 2


My first Love story I heard was Cliché, but then for every love story boy needs to meet girl first right…..Love stories are epic writings but this is the story about my love, and I am no Shakespeare but in every Shakespeare story where the love story was surrounded around poverty, the lovers died or something like that.

Everybody has different definition of love but for me love is an art a beautiful creation of boy meets girl or otherwise as a 21st century female and well the rest is history, but trust me this is no cliché story.

I’m sitting down in my sitting room with my Mac Air book laptop placed on my lap, I have been able to find out all I think I should know about mysterious strange man from Pharez but as they say Google answereth everything, so I Google his name “Deji Davis” I quickly glance through and honestly, Google doesn’t answer my question more than I already know. He is a 28 year old rich young man born into money and has been able to expand on the family business, the only son of a family of six girls and the last born, I click on images, pictures of him and his family and anybody or everybody he has been to a social event with…….he is not so bad looking I think to myself, I am still going through his pictures when my phone rings, I glance at the caller Id and pick immediately it is my mother

Hello Mum, Good evening“, I shut the screen of my laptop, and stand up heading to my room.
Becca, evening, how are you??? Are you free???” She asks, there is something about her voice I know something is up
Am I on speaker???” I ask back
No” she replies
Who is with you??
Us” was her reply, I sigh deeply, not again, Us is our “James bond” code for “Your Grandma is here, get ready for the when will I carry my great grandchild speech”
Put me on speaker mum” I say as I quickly turn on d volume of the TV, Pasuma comes alive filling the room
Rebecca” My Grandmother is on
Grandmum I am very busy right now, I am at an event” I say shouting at the phone
At this time of the night??” She shouts back
We will talk later grandma. Love you” I quickly hang up, I turn off the music of Pasuma and slot in The Weekend’s album, his beautiful voice fills the room, I quickly send a message to my mum “Thank you very mum I owe you one

It has been three full days and this Mr Deji Davis hasn’t gotten through to me, yeah I would have called him but then I just have a feeling if I do I kinda give him the reins, I glance at my inner bitch sitting down at the couch, and just staring at me

What should I do????” I am staring at her and she is staring back at me, no response, *sighs*

There is a knock on my door and I stand up to open it, I see a parcel on the ground,

Boko Haram????? “Stop being dramatic” my inner bitch shouts at me, I roll my eyes at her and bend to pick, sitting down I opened the package, a card falls out, I opened it to see a sharply scribbled handwriting…..

Hey Godwin, I want us to hang today but then considering you don’t know where I am taking you to, I bought you what suits you and the location. Will pick you up in 1 hour. I am sure you know my name“.

I am so shocked, I look up to see my inner bitch smirking at me.

What are we gonna do???” I ask her
Will you at least see what he got???” She replies….

I opened the black bag and bring out a beautiful black gown….. I am not going I think to myself, she quirks her eyebrow with me still wearing her smirk.

I open my new bottle of Bolla wine as I sit on the kitchen counter and start to sip, The Weekend is still playing and my mind starts to run “I can’t believe this”.

I am still on the counter when a knock on the door jolts me back to reality…. I come down and open the door, Deji Davis is standing there with that stupid smile on his face,

I knew you won’t be dressed” he says as he sidesteps me…….and comes into my apartment.

I shut the door and turn to him,

You have guts, you know
I’m so sorry Godwin I didn’t call you to check your schedule or something like that, I’m a busy man you see but I just wanted to see you” he replies, i refuse to budge, I’m still standing at the door……
Godwin” he starts, I quirk my eyebrow, he smiles and shrugs “Okay Becca, I ask you for this one night, you don’t like it I wont bother you again
You won’t???” I ask

He nods……. I walk to the kitchen and sip my remaining glass of wine, wasting his time on purpose, I smile at my inner bitch before I turn to him,

I give you only this night and after that I don’t wanna see your face again” before I get a response, I turn and walk to my room to change, grabbing the box of gown on my way……………

To be continued………………..



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