FOREVER........Is There One??

FOREVER……..Is There One?? CHAPTER 1


I’m not a privileged kid, I’m a hustler.
Some people believe just seeing a female with cash means she sold her body to some kinda men…..Well I am a 21st century lady and even though I got a lot of help from men I like to call it Girl Power.

My name is Becca simply Becca, okay that just sounded all shades of James Bond but then he can’t be mad, and I’m a 24 year old photographer and interior decorator, okay I never went to school for interior decorating but I am a fast learner so I picked up a lot of things from my  friend who was a professional interior decorator, she is abroad with her family and happily married, yeah that I can say.

So I am just walking around my apartment trying to find something to eat, I still haven’t gotten used to being alone, my sister just got married, what’s wrong with these people, everyone is happily married and I am just here by myself, you know as a young African girl we all had this dream of fairytale and one guy sweeping you off your feet, Disney be deceiving us with the story of A charming Prince, frog kisser, sleeping beauty etc just to mention a few, then you get to your teenage years and you have your heart kicked to the curb, okay I don’t mean to sound like a Nagger, let’s just believe is my inner bitch displaying her talent, come on I have a lot of tinz working for me, a good family, even though they don’t believe I should be staying alone as a young single lady…..(shut up inner bitch), back to the good things working for me, I have a good family, good job, good friends, talking about friends, I am supposed to meet Eni my good friend since college days at a restaurant, I quickly channel my inner Coco Chanel as I go to wardrobe to select what to wear.


 I spot Eni’s Range Rover Sport and park my car next to hers……I am standing at the door of the restaurant trying to spot her, I know she is at the usual spot, predictable child I think to myself…… She spots me to and is waving at me like we haven’t seen in three years, I just saw her yesterday, I notice all eyes on me, yeah she did that on purpose, I smile shyly at her before I start my Agbani Darego’s walk.

U look good” she says when I get to her table
Is that how to greet your elders?” I reply

We have been doing this for many years and it never gets old, we burst into laughter and I ask for a glass to join her in her bottle of Tiagnello, I follow her eyes as I notice her boyfriend for the past 1year and some months, he is in a serious business meeting but he still honours my presence with a smile and a slight bow

I smile back and raise my glass at him….

Don’t you just love it when your friend’s bae respects you… inner bitch is doing the dance….the dance is a combination of every dance steps you can think of …….moves beyond comprehension.

Eni and I are doing our own fashion police in the restaurant, the things all these girls and all these Lekki wives (as we like to call them) wear all in the name of Fashion……..when I notice the presence of a figure, I look away from Eni to see a rather handsome looking young man with no swag at all and extremely terrible dress sense, he is wearing designer all well and good, but has no carriage, I carried my face away disappointed, okay I am still not expecting a Mr right but this is not even Mr left, this is Mr crippled….lol

He turns to me and says “Hello” drawing his word like he is trying to form an accent…
Pretender!!!! Turn off!!! And he didn’t even say hello to Eni….I notice Eni just smiling, still sipping on her wine, she knows he is gonna get it……Hey inner bitch…this is your show

Hi” she replies
So I have been watching you since and I couldn’t take my eyes off you

Lame ass line bruh…and stop trying with the accent

Good for you” she replies as polite as she can……..

He smiles….Nigga back off now….I am thinking, inner bitch about to go bitchy on you….

My name is Wisdom” he says
And I am Godwin” she replies with no hint of sarcasm and an expressionless face, he shifts uncomfortable, I am about to take over and rescue him from his misery, she has done enough, I glance at Eni and I see she is enjoying the show
I am sorry that was supposed to be a……

Pharez interrupts by kissing Eni on the forehead and saying “Hey bae“…meeting ended already I say to myself, he doesn’t even glance at Wizzy (Wisdom) not for a bit, looking at me he says

Becca how nice to see you again, you look lovely by the way, meet my friend…….” Then I notice the not so good looking guy standing near Wisdom he is wearing a casual shirt and jean and it fits his body perfectly, he interrupts the introduction as he bends towards me, sidestepping Wizzy like he wasn’t there, he bends down to kiss me on the forehead and says
“Becca how do you do, how is the baby doing” he smiles and sits down taking my free hand into his…..inner bitch!!!! Where art thee?? Okay no response she is shocked to silence that’s a first….
I am good and the baby is well” I reply… He smiles at me before turning his attention to Wizzy who stupidly remained there hasn’t he ever heard the word “mixing with the crowd”

Are you a friend of my lady??” He asks dismissively and with no interest at all
I was just leaving” Wizzy replied without even a glance at me for someone who couldn’t take his eyes off me I felt betrayed…..

The mysterious man releases my hand gently, stands up and says to Pharez

I will be going now, Eni it was nice to see you again”…..he paused for a while before turning to me
Godwin it was nice to meet you

Before “She” could find a response he was gone……
Wow!!!! Wow!!! Who the fuck is that???
I turn to see Eni and Pharez laughing…. Oh they find it amusing….
How nice????

So I need answers to my questions???” I say with my most polite voice

Pharez with a smile in his face says

First of all who the fuck is he????????

To be continued…………….



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