Kissing is a very fundamental aspect of any intimate relationship and quite a lot of people don’t know how to kiss. Kissing is an art. There is more to kissing than locking lips together.

Nothing comes close to having a remarkable and unforgettable amazing passionate kiss. It leaves you spell bound and wanting more. The meeting of lips can evoke such a myriad of emotions and communicate your desires in a way that nothing else can quite compare. Even better, when you’ve got the skills, your lips become a weapon in the war of passion and lust.


A friend told me how he lost the opportunity to go on a second date with a lady simply because his kissing was terrible, the lady told him there won’t be another date because he is a bad kisser. So many people will ask “Is Kissing really that important?” and I make bold to say Yes it is really important. A good kiss can increase the feelings of intimacy and love you have for your partner, and at the same time a bad kiss can potentially be a deal breaker in matters of romance.

Here are some tips to help you be a good Kisser.

Prepare Your Lips. Keep your lips relaxed and open slightly to let your partner know that you are ready for a kiss.

Avoid puckering or pursing them, as this will send the wrong message and make kissing physically difficult.
Tackle dryness with chapstick or by licking your lips slightly. Ladies, try using lip gloss or flavored chapstick (but nothing too sticky) to make your lips irresistibly soft, shiny and tasty.

Freshen Your Breath. The importance of good oral hygiene cannot be underestimated when it comes to kissing — bad breath is the worst kind of turn-off.

To avoid this, remember to floss and brush your teeth before your date and keep a small packet of mints on your person throughout the evening, so you can quickly pop one in your mouth as soon as things start to heat up.
If you’re going on a dinner date, try to steer clear of very pungent or malodorous foods — avoid things like cheese, fish, raw onions, or anything heavy on garlic.
Don’t overdo it on the minty freshness though — you don’t your mouth to taste like you just swallowed an entire tube of toothpaste!

Set The Mood. Let your partner know that you want to kiss him or her by maintaining eye contact and smiling.

If you are in the middle of a conversation, then slow it down and lower your voice slightly to signal that you’re ready to stop talking and start smooching.
Some people get so nervous before the first kiss with a new partner that they end up talking too much in order to fill the silence.            Avoid doing this as it could ruin the moment and make your partner lose interest.

Lean In For A Kiss. When you’re ready and you think the moment is right, take a step closer to your partner and lean in for the kiss.

If you want to add to the romance, you can do something intimate like touching your partner’s face or brushing the hair out of their eyes right before you lean in.
Watch your partner as you lean in to determine whether to tilt your head to the left or to the right. Remember to move your head in the opposite direction to your partner’s.
You should also tilt your head back slightly and point your lips and chin forward to avoid banging your foreheads together.

Close Your Eyes. .Sometimes in the nervousness leading up to a first kiss, you can forget to close your eyes. This is bad for two reasons:
Firstly, it probably means that you are overthinking things. Closing your eyes allows you to relax, let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy the moment.
Secondly, if your partner opens their eyes during the kiss and finds you staring straight back at them, it would be kind of creepy and probably kill the romance.
A word of warning though — don’t close your eyes until after you have found the other person’s lips, otherwise you’re likely to bump foreheads.


Perfecting The Romantic Kiss

Start off slow. Keep your lips ever so slightly open, but avoid using your tongue at first. Start off with a few slow, gentle kisses, lingering on your partner’s lips each time.

Keep things interesting by repositioning your lips in between each kiss. Tilt your head slightly more to the left or slightly more to the right, or switch sides entirely so that your head is now tilted in the opposite direction as before.

Open your mouth a little more. Once you have been kissing without tongue for a bit, it’s time to take it to the next level. Lock lips with your partner so that his or her bottom lip is in between your two lips, and then open your mouth slightly to signify that you’re ready to French kiss.

Use your tongue. Start off gently at first, moving your tongue into the front of your partner’s mouth. Avoid immediately jamming your tongue too far into his or her mouth, as this can be a major turn-off. Move your tongue in slow, fluid movements around the other person’s tongue and allow them to reciprocate before going any further.

Start off by gently touching the tip of your tongue to the tip of your partner’s tongue. If both of you feel comfortable with it, you can move your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth and begin massaging their tongue with yours.
Pay attention to your partner’s movements. Being a good kisser is about being in sync with the other person and finding a rhythm that works for both of you.

Use your hands. Place your hands gently on your partner’s waist, shoulders, face, or neck. If things get heated up, grab your partner harder and move your hands from one body part to the other.

Increase the intensity of the moment by placing your hands on the back of your partner’s head and grabbing his or her hair.

Do something different. Being a good kisser isn’t about doing everything perfectly — that can become a little mechanical. Sometimes it’s good to throw something a bit different into the mix, something that surprises your partner (in a good way) and leaves them wanting more.
Try licking the center of your partner’s open lips with your tongue, or using your tongue to briefly stroke the roof of their mouth. They may find this unusual, but super sexy.
Try inhaling through your mouth instead of your nose when your lips are sealed together — like you’re taking their breath into your body. This can be extremely intimate — as long as it’s not overused.
Try gently (we said gently) biting or sucking your partner’s lower or upper lip. If done correctly, this can be a major turn-on for the other person.
Try moving away from your partner’s lips and spend a little time kissing their neck instead — women are particularly fond of this move.

Don’t forget to breathe. Since your mouth is occupied, you will need to breathe through your nose while kissing. If you are not getting enough air that way, then pull your face away from your partner’s every once in awhile to catch your breath.

Be passionate. The more excited you are about the kiss, the more excited your partner will be. You should be completely present in the moment and try to avoid letting your mind wander to other things. Allow yourself to relax, and don’t spend the entire time wondering what the other person is thinking — go with the flow and have fun!

Culled from WikiHow.