Football to some is just a Sport while to others it is more than just a Sport. To this category of people who believe Football is more than just a Sport, to them Football is a RELIGION, which they follow passionately.

Since the beginning of the new millenium Football fans have increased across the globe, with more Females who now follow the beautiful game passionately.

Below is a list of Football fans who are passionate about the game and they’ll be quick to tell you that their beloved CLUB is the Best in the world.

@OlumiCFC As the handle already suggest,this dude bleeds blue..tho follows other teams details regularly,argue with him at ur own peril.

@MrsGiroud She and Giroud are getting married by december…get ur,na..just kidding,Arsenal lady toh Bad..and her Avi? Priceless!

@sirFIZZ The only AC Milan fan I know who is quick to tell you his Club is the best in Europe, and he thinks the Seria A belongs to Milan this season cuz KAKA is back!

@ChelseaXtremist Legend has it that this dude was born at stamford brigde. Simple truth-most legends are fact. Stats, Match day analysis? He has got it.

@theblackorean_ Unofficial secretary of the Manchester United Ladies supporters…she rili does love her club.

@Abimberry No nonsense Arsenal Lady that’s always on the defensive when her beloved club is insulted. This isn’t one of those ladies that only watch football on their TL..she does know how to carry herself.

@MrsMUFC If @theblackorean_ is the Secretary of the Ladies supporters’ club..the here is the president! Ladies love the colour pink, she sticks to Red.

@Pr8nz The blue squad…matchday, anyday your TL is sure to be filled with blue tweets..that’s if he isn’t setting P.

@Akinsbloom One of the very few Liverpool fan you can find on twitter..don’t ask me how or when he started supporting them..ask him.

@Lanrewaju_ Die hard Arsenal fan, don’t think there’s anyone crazy about Arsenal like him. And I must add, he’s the president of the #InWengerWeTrust faithful.

@dollycent Every team has a section of radical supporters..Dolapo here heads that section of Manchester United supporters..he no wan dey hear any other club name.

@Belac_Red Another die hard Liverpool fan, he still believes Liverpool can make the top 4 this season. Just try asking him who is the best striker in d epl…

@Viv_01 Another arsenal lady on the list. Her bio should tell you all you need to know.

@Gr8ight Awon eleyi! All white everything. You guessed right…welcome to the Madrid side of life. Big supporter of Real Madrid.

@Virus_Pluto Whenever football is concerned, he is ready to tell you that Barcelona is the best club in the world.

@Mrs_Arteta By the handle you already know she’s a GONNERETTE.

@Nrs_Xquizite All blue everything. She’s not bothered cuz she knows Chelsea is the PRIDE OF LONDON.

@ireteeh Olori of the blue ladies…think she’s Abrahamovic’s wife with the way she talks blue.

@AmakaokoliDD As far as she’s concerned there’s no other club that matter expect CHELSEA.

@Iam_Kale GONNERETTE to the core.

@olatostar The future Governor of Ondo State is a die hard ARSENAL Fan.

@Folabi_MUFC Die Hard United fan who is ready to rub it in your face that United is the Best Club in England.

@DuchessDebbs Awon mama ni yen, she loves Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo

@Yemzine Die Hard Arsenal Fan, if you don’t have your facts don’t even attempt arguing with him.