This article is based on true life experience



     My mind was no longer with Dayo and Demola..I just kept smiling and nodding at whatever they said. When they laughed, I laughed like an idiot too. I kept looking at my watch. I had even forgotten Bimbo was with us. After sharing a second bottle of red wine with Demola, I stood up.

          “Ahan, how far Mayowa..where you dey go?” Dayo asked.
          “Bobo, I wan reach house jare..forget say I wan help Grannie fix gen tonight” that was the first thing that came to my mind. I had to find something to tell him that won’t make him probe further. That was a perfect excuse because I wasn’t ready to take anyone of them along with me.
           “Oh okay, I think say na my place you go crash?”
           “I fit still come back tonight sha, keep your phone on..if I reach house and she dey do anyhow, I go blow bike come back”

     We all knew that was a no-brainer, and I sure as hell knew I wasn’t coming back that night. I asked Dayo to see me off to the gate, wanted Demola to be alone with Bimbo so he could have time with her to start his own runz.

          “You use condom when you fuck am?” I asked as soon as we were outta earshot.
          “Damn, I no use ooo, to stand up go pick am na stress”…
          “Weyreh (madman) you don pass the Gono give the girl”..I would warn Demola later.
          “E dey happen jare, no be girl like am give me noni”

     I shook my head and stopped a bike. I took it to Challenge. Branched off at GTB, withdrew 5k (Salewa had said a little cash would be needed for T or D).

     This is going to be one crazy night I won’t forget in a long time. 4girls, 3boiz was just the thing on my mind..this equation was just perfect, possibility was that by the end of tonight I would have slept with 2 or 3 girls. “Dick do not fail me tonight” was the mental prayer I said. The drive down from Challenge took about 15 mins, I wasn’t even bothered about the chic who sat beside me in the cab, all my mind was thinking about was how crazy the night will be. I got off at the Muslim bus stop Salewa asked me to, then called her. While I was waiting for her, I looked at the time..it was almost 10pm. If anything went wrong ehn, I was going to be in deep shit because I wasn’t used to night-crawling in Ibadan..this is not Lagos.

           “Looking at you from behind is actually very nice, just can’t help but fall in love with your height”..a female voice said from behind me.
I laughed and turned around and saw Salewa. She was wearing a bumshort and tight-fitting top..those legs of hers were very fresh, you can decide to lick ice cream off them without even coming in contact with a strand of hair. I hugged her and surprisingly could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. This was sure going to be one crazy night.
            “You are the last person to arrive..are you always late to meetings and events?
            “Call it bad habit” I replied as I kissed her forehead.

      We started walking through a path I hadn’t noticed before. She was walking in-front of me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass. Hopefully she would be the first I would fuck 2night. The red wine I had earlier was beginning to kick in.

                   “3guys, 4girls?” I asked again to be double sure..
                   “Yea, you scared?” she turned back and looked at my face.
                   “Seriously, you guys should be the ones scared”

      Turned a corner and faced a gate which she open and let me step in…..she locked it up and led me to her flat. It was a bungalow wit 2 flats but I could tell the other flat was unoccupied. As soon as we stepped into her flat, my eyes scanned around..the whole place was dim, nice (perfect for the night). There was a girl in the center of the living room dancing to Timaya’s “Shake ur bumbum”..and OMG she really had a bumbum and they were bouncing in the  bumshorts she was wearing. There were 2 guys drinking and laughing and also a girl clapping and urging her friend on. Hmm she said 4 girls, 3 guys and right now, there was only 3 girls and 3 guys..balanced equation.

           “Hey guys, meet Mayowa” Salewa said as she went over to turn off the music.
          “Wow, he’s tall. I love tall guys” the girl dancing said as she stopped dancing turned around and saw me.
       “I love girl who can dance” was my reply..I moved towards the guys to pay homage.,”Baba, Chairman..how your side na?..how every?”..you know the usual guy greetings..(Always very easy for guys to blend than girls). Both of the guys seem to be Ajebutter.. Fresh boys with nicely trimmed beards and cuffed up shirts. The other girl stretched her hand and introduced herself as “Cindy or something..I wasn’t interested in her name. I took a seat as one of the guys passed me a cup and placed alomo and yorghurt infront of me (call me unusual but alomo doesn’t give me an erection like most guys would claim..just gets me to that tipsy state).

       “Where Shade?” Salewa asked as she walked towards the kitchen.
        “She’s in the bathroom” one of the guys answered..2+2, it seems Shade’s the fourth girl and this guy has his eyes on her. Lemme even name the guys.. I would call one Suberu and the other Dodoyo cuz they didn’t really seem like sharp guys to me. And I could bet they were Lead City boys sef

         Shade popped out and I must say she was a head-turner too just like Salewa..same height, same physique though her ass was still second to Salewa’s. We all sat down in silence as we waited for Salewa..I kept my head up and was staring at Cindy’s nice boobs till Salewa got back.

              “You guys sef..see as una quiet” she laughed as she came out.
              “Oya let’s sit play T or D”
             “Get a bottle” I said as I made my move to take charge..I always liked it, upper hand finz.
              “Let’s sit round. A guy, a girl then a guy again..in that order” I continued as we all sat on the rug.

         Suberu had pushed all the sofas to the wall so the center was free and massive to sit us all. Dodoyo on his own..emptied the remaining Alomo into his cup and gave me the bottle..

                 “Hmm ok, let’s have the rules..you spin the bottle and whoever it points at..you get to ask a TRUTH or DARE the person. Whoever doesn’t or can’t carry out his/her DARE drops 1k”..I wanted to make things go fast and sharply..
               “Mehn, baba I dey feel your parole gan. I agree with the rules” Suberu said.

         Salewa winked at me and agreed..everyone too. And so since I had taken charge, I was to spin 1st.

Here we go

        I spinned and the yeye bottle ended pointing at Suberu. Well, lemme give the girls something to giggle about. I asked him to take off his jeans. The girls bursted out laughing. Suberu was happy to do it, this boy never know as e dey go. Shade spinned next..pointed at Cindy.
               “What’s your fantasy?” Was the question
                                  Cindy laughed out long then replied…
           “Having 2 guys go at me at the same time..one in my mouth and the one behind me”

        Oh boy, where did Salewa find this girls?..this was really going to be crazier than I thought and seems I won’t regret coming after all.

Salewa spinned and got me…
           “Where is the craziest place you ever fucked?” The cheeky question, I knew she was going to ask me that.
               “In a Zoo” I wanted to add “with you” but I just smiled.
              “What da fuck?!” Dodoyo shouted..I told you these guys weren’t sharp. He was probably just used to bed.

          The game gradually picked up..lemme name the fourth girl (that was dancing) Amina. Suberu dared her to take her shorts off..which she did..and she turned around and whined while doing so. Jeez..she was wearing a G-String, seeing her naked ass caused world war3 between my boxers and dick. One was beggin to gain independence, the other was telling him to calm down. Everyone was hailing her..that was one crazy ass. I had my dare in mind as they all continued but as soon as the bottle got to Cindy..she spinned and got me (fuck, this wasn’t going my way).. She dared me to pull my dick out..hell no, I wasn’t going to be the 1st. I reached for my wallet and gave her 1k..everyone was groaning and complaining..eyin weyreh,.

       Finally my turn..I spinned and got Cindy herself! I looked at Suberu and decided to help his situation..I asked Cindy to give a very wet blowjob for 5mins..everyone gasped and suddenly the room was quiet. Suberu was grinning like an idiot..

      “Oya spread ur legs” was the next thing Cindy said. Mehn, I am beginning to love this girl. She crawled up to where Suberu was seated..she was on all fours with her ass facing me directly..this girls sha, na me dem wan kill

           She undid his zipper and pulled his dick out..he try small sha. She stroked it..kissed the cap, looked up at Suberu’s face then laughed. I looked around the room, I could noticed Shade dipping her hand in her panties, nice! Salewa was simply watching, she looked at me and nodded..Dodoyo and Amina were focused on the scene playin out.

          Cindy has taken all of Suberu into her mouth really sucking it, she pulled it out..spat on it and started jerking it..I looked at my watch..2 minutes gone. She kissed his cap again and adjusted her ass as she did so..oh lawd! She was really working Suberu..as she took him into her mouth again, the poor boy erupted! 3 minutes 5 secs gone..

                              “Oh shit” Suberua cried out..

Everyone bursted out laughing..Cindy didn’t even look up as she licked and cleaned him up with her mouth..

        “Okay whose turn?” Salewa asked as we all adjusted and sat back in our roles..but this time, Salewa was seated on my right and Shade was on my left..I was feeling lucky. The spin came and Dodoyo was asked to undress leaving only his boxers..oh boy, my guy’s dick was at full attention..I was pretty sure it was aching him. The girls were giggling and clapping.. The spin..I was asked to take off my jeans too..and my dick took its first step to independence..Salewa smiled as she looked up at it.

      “I told you I love tall guys” Amina blurted out once again..in my head, I replied yes I love girls who can work their ass too. The spin went on and on..we were all virtually naked by now except for boxers/panties and bra till I decided to go crazy. I spinned and fate made me get Shade. Great..I worked out my formation.

           “Shade, take Salewa’s panties off and give her head for 10 mins” I smiled as I said it.
            “YOU ARE CRAZY!!!” Salewa screamed as everyone started laughing. Shade sat and didn’t say anything at first then she shrugged and moved towards Salewa who was now laughing. As Shade crawled past me, I made sure my hands brushed her boobs which were now swollen as hell. I cud notice Cindy adjusting n moving closer to Suberu..Nice! Things were now getting really started.

To be continued……………………………..






  1. Men!!!dis story na die,,,mayor Ʊя craze na highest ooooo!!!! †ђξ suspense wan scatter ma pebble!!!!wia ℓ̊ dy wen all dis dy hapn sef???A̶̲̥̅♏ on standby oo

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