This article is based on true life experience



I settled down with the playstation. PES mode, I’ve never actually been a fan of FIFA. Master league mode since Dayo was going to be occupied with ma’am Bimbo. I was lying on the rug with the edge of the bed acting as a pillow beneath my head. Dayo and Bimbo were on the bed talking..I could hear “So what should I offer you?” “How was your exams” ( Lead City had just finished exams).

After a while I concentrated on my game. I had become engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t notice the room had become silent except for the sound of the TV. I turned my neck a little to make it seem like I was massaging my neck (advanced spying technique for flexible peeps only).

What I saw was crazy! Dayo and Bimbo were kissing like hell, no sounds, I could make out the shape of Dayo’s hand in her zipper. Why always me?! Couldn’t he have notified me to at least go outside and buy something so they could have a quickie? Now I was stuck with the thoughts of peeps fucking behind me and I couldn’t even watch (the painful part). The game I was playing wasn’t even making sense anymore. Like seriously what kinda girl fucks a guy who obviously isn’t her boyfriend with someone else in the room?!. *deep sigh* I felt the bed move beneath my head.

Now the sounds were coming, little muffled moaning sounds. I folded my leg since my dick was in a mood to misbehave. Less noticeable when folded.. Then a thought occurred to me, maybe I should let them notice and remember I am in d room sef?! The girl might be crazy and wild enough to do both of us. FUCK!!! Came back to my senses, this Dayo of a boy was still undergoing treatment for Gono and I could bet he wasn’t using a condom right now! I folded my legs sharply!!!

She was now moaning like crazy and I just kept adjusting my legs. Dayo is so going to pay for this. This was worse than watching porn, it was happening right behind me and I couldn’t move. My hands were stuck on the playstation pad hardly tapping it.

Just then someone knocked at the door. I didn’t answer and obviously the two people fucking behind me couldn’t. Sighs, the knock again..the girl reduced her moaning but was still fucking. After a while the person knocking stopped and apparently walked away. A few minutes later Dayo’s phone rang..no one moved. Would this boy just release and let this end. My prayer wasn’t answered for a few more minutes. Dayo stood up and went into the bathroom. I could hear the girl breathing heavily behind me. My cue, I stood up, stretched and turn..OMG..the girl’s nipples were still out in the open and were more erect than a soldier standing at attention. I stared for a while, made her know I was looking at her. She didn’t even move to cover it..just pulled her jeans back up and was busy zipping.

I walked out of the room to get some air and give my dick some freedom. I rested against the railings and looked up ahead. There was Demola, a good friend of ours that was doing his NYSC programme at Oyo-town about 20 minutes drive from Ibadan.

         “Mayo, una dey craze oo.” See greeting.
         “Oga Ade, dem pursue you for camp abi you don give one of your students belle” I shot back at him.
         “Una dey inside, I dey knock..una no fit ansa”
         “Cool ya blood..parole dey” I quickly whispered as I pulled him and his bagpack close.
         “Girl dey inside? Your girl? Abi you and Dayo don dey do threesome thinz ni?!” (Wish that had happen)  This boy can ask questions for sha!
         “I go yarn you later..how Oyo?..”
         “That town dry pass old woman pussy” smh..the kinda boys I have as friends. Sex or Alcohol must must always pop up.
        “Sha cool down, never enter”
         “Wait, he just wan fuck abi dem don fuck finish?” ..A question again, dem swear for dis guy ni?
         “Bobo I don tell you, cool down..I go gist you later”.. Took about 5 minutes for Dayo to come out.
        “Demo chairman mi!!” A big grin on his face.

Who would blame him after fucking a girl like that? My mind still wasn’t settled though.. Was dying to ask him if he used a condom or had passed Gono to Bimbo. Because I was pretty sure Bimbo was still going to come on to me and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass me by but wasn’t going to take chances.

     “Una dy mad! I knock, none of una answer..u con dey call me chairman. Shey I fit enter now sha?”..Demola’s reply.

While he was still asking, Bimbo walked out the room, Demola whistle a classical tune that almost made me burst out laughing. Apparently he was also thinking about that her ass.

           “Mayo, how far..shey make we enter Genesis?” Dayo was asking me..
            “Where be Genesis again?”
            “Na one hotel/suites before YOu reach that Molete side”..hmmm obviously, after fucking her, Bros wanted to take Bimbo out on trips. Wetin be my own after-all is it my money?       “Oya na, make oga corper drop him bag first”

I said as I pushed Demola into the house to drop his bag. I looked at Bimbo again and she smiled back, my eyes went down to her ass and I shook my head. D Gono part was still in my head as I headed towards the car..this was going to be one hell of a night-out

The drive to Genesis was done is silence asides Dayo’s Car system playing Wizkid/Banky’s “Roll it” which on repeat.. We all liked d song so no one complained. As we drove past Real food and wine at Challenge, I remember Miss Cutie getting fucked in the car. Smh4me, na me go do scouting and surveying and once I tell this Dayo of a boy, change of ownership go occur. Just like that. It was probably because I was off-season (a Season is a period when a guy’s in top form, all the right words just come out of nowhere when talking to a girl. This is d period you sef go ask if na jazz you dey use follow the girls talk. And depending on the boy, a season can last up to a year sef. Mine had been on since August last year, hotter than Van Persie but for the last 2 months I had been struggling though not that bad).

Finally got to Genesis, really nice place I must say. Bimbo’s pussy must have been something for him to bring her here, he usually went to Bubbles. I preferred Real Food and Wine. Parked the car and walked towards the pool side.. Noticed Dayo’s hand was on Bimbo’s waist as they walked ahead of Demola and I.

        “How far, how e dey go?” Demola quickly asked me in a whisper.
        “Omo, na oskabo parole”
        “Ehen? How much she dey charge?” Demola’s eyes grew wider as he asked
        “I no tihnk say na money parole..mouth finz but get small change 4 hand”
         “Issorai, we go still yarn” he ended.

We all took our seat at the pool side, very nice view. I felt my pocket and was trying to remember how much I left home with then remember Dad’s ATM card was with me..great, no matter who’s buying, always have extra insurance with you. Anything can go wrong at anywhere.
  Dayo ordered 2 bottles of Harp for himself and Demola, Bimbo asked for malt (at least she had class in public outings but in private, Oh Lord!). I asked for a bottle of Carlo Rossi (its a Redwine, I fell in love with the name. Sucker for most Italian names). Pretty sure after the 1st bottle of Harp, Demola was gonna switch over to redwine.

        “I hear say Govt wan increase una allawee” I asked Demola..
        “Gbagbe oshi, that Jonathan na crazy man..dem don talk am with mouth, make dem pay am first na. Walahi if dem pay am, I owe you 3 months BIS……N38k no be seresere money”..

I bursted out laughing at his reply and remembered I hadn’t checked my phone in about 15 minutes.
Quickly brought it out and as usual it was blinking red. 4 pings and just 1 Twitter mention..sighs, I never still popular for Twitter sha. God dey. One ping was from Salewa asking where I was.. I quickly replied that I was at Genesis “chilling”.. She buzzed back that she had just left the area that 3 of her friends were around and the sleep over was 2 night. EHN?!! Say WHAT? I adjusted and asked what time and what else I needed to know. She said nothing really..that it was gonna be 4 girls and 3boys..and that I should hold a lil cash cuz there was gonna be T or D game.
  I dropped my fone gulped 2 cups of redwine in a rush. Read an article once about redwine been good for the heart. And anything that works well for your heart be it fruits/drinks/drugs also works well for your dick. Your heart pumps blood, your dick needs blood to sustain an erection for hours. Well works for me everytime. Try it one day and lemme know.

          “Bobo, wetin do you, you dey ok so? Dayo asked me.
          “Haa, I am ok..perfectly ok, the redwine just make sense”

I said with a wide grin on my face. One crazy night up ahead!

To be continued……………………………….




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