Football is a beautiful sport loved the world over. The atmosphere of the sport during major competition is what made it the most watched sport in the world.

FIFA the world governing body is saddled with the responsibility of setting standards for the sport and ensuring that every association under it watch comply with the rules and regulations of the sport.

Recently there is a controversy as to who holds the record for the most goals scored in a calendar year (12 months), the last record which was held by German footballer Gerd Mueller was set in 1972 when he scored 85 goals. 40 years after that record was set a prolific footballer Lionel Messi broke Mueller’s record and also set a new record scoring 88 goals. Few days after Messi set the new record there has been reports that Mueller wasn’t entitled to the record in the first place as there were other players who in fact scored more goals in a calendar year than Mueller.

One of those player is Godfrey Chitalu a Zambian footballer who was said to have scored 107 goals in 1972. The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says it will approach FIFA about getting recognition for striker Chitalu’s feat. The move comes after Messi broke German Gerd Mueller’s record of 85 goals scored in a calendar year, the Argentine now has 88 to his name in 2012. FAZ spokesman Eric Mwanza told BBC Sport it has the records to prove Chitalu should be acknowledged for his goals.

However the Barcelona football star has been recognised by Guinness World Records for the title of the most goals in a calendar year by netting his 86th goal of 2012.

With this latest development FIFA has come out to say they will not ratify Messi as the holder of the record because they do not keep domestic records.

As the argument continues, the question now is who owns the record for the most goals in a year: MESSI or CHITALU?