“Whether na one naira whether na one million Baby you’ve got me”

I’m sure almost all of us know that song by M.I ft Waje. Great song!, I must confess. Now what I wanna talk about isn’t quite the same as the song, however they still relate.

Right from our Uni days, my friend Subomi had been dating this guy called Gbolahan. Although, Subomi comes from a well-to-do family, she still loved Gbolahan who hailed from a very humble background. Whenever, we resume for a new semester, Subomi would bring foodstuffs and provisions for two and share between Gbolahan and herself. She was deeply in love.
Gbolahan graduated when we were entering our 3rd year in school and after service,he got a job while we were in our final year. The job was just an “ok” job,he just did that,while scouting for a better offer. Their love still blossomed and Subomi was still the centre of his world.

Sadly,a little into the second semester of our final year, Subomi lost her dad after a brief battle with stroke. It was a traumatic experience, Gbolahan stood by her and we all saw that he cared for her.

Fast forward to 2012, Gbolahan now works in a multi-national company,rides a posh car of his own and lives in a luxury apartment.
What do you think? All these should definitely rub off on Subomi (who stood by him when he had nothing)right? Hmmnnn…”For where?” Gbolahan has suddenly become allergic to Subomi, he doesn’t pick her calls,doesn’t visit her anymore and when he decides to call;he’ll tell tales of how busy he is and how difficult it is trying to keep a serious relationship with his new job.

The last time I saw Subomi, she didn’t need to explain deep, because from the way she looked I could tell she was heart broken. The ever bubbly and happy Subomi has become a shadow of herself. Its hard to believe that the once humble and loving Gbolahan has turned back on the lady who stood by him when he had nothing.

People usually say that a woman’s commitment is tested when her man has nothing whereas a man’s commitment is tested when the money comes.

Money has a way of defining people because,truth be told; every poor man is humble. Every poor man can prostrate for you.

What are your thoughts on this? Guys, are you still humble because “the money neva show well well?”
Will u remain humble and loyal to ur lover when you’ve got too much money “lapo” (in your pocket)?

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This article was written by Tolulope L’queen Lemikan. Tolu is a writer, with passion for the subject “LOVE”, she is a freelance writer on relationships for some other blogs and magazines.
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