The Joy of Shoes – By Mayo C Loyd

Do you love shoes? Well i do. I don’t know about you. Or are you the type that admire shoes on people and your job is just to pass compliments? If you fall under that category then i’ll advice you to keep reading.
We all need shoes come rain or shine and the more shoes we have, the better prepared we are for the unpredictable circumstances we face in our daily lives. Because of this, we should buy shoes no matter how much they increase in price, because their demand will always exist, we can’t walk around barefoot.

Shoes are an expression of your personality. It makes a bold fashion statement about yourself. If you are considering getting a pair of shoes, I’m sure you’ll find the following tips useful:

>   Shop for shoes as from late afternoon. If it fits perfectly in the morning, it will be achy later in the afternoon. This is because the feet swell slightly towards the end of the day hence trying on shoes when your feet are biggest will enhance a choice of one that will stay comfy on your feet all day long.

>    Your right foot is bigger. Our right eyes, ears, breasts, palms and feet are slightly bigger than their left counterparts. Some folks make the mistake of trying shoes on just their left foot and when it fits, they pick on the shoes only to have painful blisters on their poor right foot the next time they wear the shoes. When shopping for shoes, try them on both feet and base your decision on how it feels on your right foot.

>   Your shoes should be at least an inch longer than your longest toe to make room for wrinkling and stretching of your toes which prevent numbness of the feet and curvy, gorilla-like toes like mine X_X

>   Don’t buy shoes the seller helped you to put on. I once went shopping for a pair of shoes and it took two salesmen to get me into them. The seller’s persuasion prevailed and I bought the shoes but at home, I couldn’t get the shoes on and when I returned them, the seller wouldn’t give back my money.

>   Don’t fall for the false promise that shoes will expand in time cause good quality shoes made of strong leather do not expand. Even cheap, shoddy shoes will only expand with continued usage and when the shoes hurt your feet so much that you can’t bear to wear them all the time, then expansion is simply out of the question. Of course, you can’t blame your shoe dealer for telling a lie, a man’s got to survive in a tough world.

>   Leave shoes on for a while as you agree on the price with the seller. If possible, try walking around in them. Sometimes, shoes don’t hurt by just putting them on for a few minutes or in a static position but if they are under-sized, they would sure hurt if you leave them on for a long time or walk around in them.

>   Don’t shop for shoes after the second trimester of pregnancy. This is because the feet of women swell as from the sixth month of pregnancy and shoes bought during this period will become over-sized after the baby has been delivered. If you don’t intend to wear the shoes after delivery, then this tip is not for you.
> The saying that “looks can be deceptive” is even ‘truer’ with shoes. The most attractive, eye catching shoes are usually poorest in quality. Shop for shoes not just with your eyes but also with your fingers (touch) and with your mind. Unless, if you don’t mind replacing your shoes every other day as long as they make heads turn.

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